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This mid-August weekend trip reminded me just how good it feels to take a breath in.

In my biggest outdoor voice I’m here to say To Hell with that old 9-5 office routine!! 104 more words

Break ups aren't bad.

Breakups aren’t bad, after all you and your significant other for whatever reason are not compatible. There’s something missing that’s causing one or both of you to essential… 456 more words

Mental Health

My Special Guest tonight is...

Charlotte Brontë and Life

Born in 1816 in Thornton, England she was a novelist, poet and the eldest of the three sisters. Although she unfortunately experienced the early deaths of her siblings she survived into adulthood and her novels became classics of English literature including of course Jane Eyre. 226 more words



Every hero in a story has an evil side. And usually the climax of the story comes when the hero takes the inner monster head on, defeats the monster, claims the hidden power that’s been there all along, and saves the world after. 158 more words


I missed my flight and it was a delight

First off, I didn’t technically miss my flight. I don’t believe I have ever missed a flight. And, I used to travel a lot for work. 378 more words


Daily Habit

A metal dish of fresh

cold water to sip,

a welcome sight

for a dog returning

from his trip.

A shaded patch

of grass to lie down… 58 more words