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The Mirror

Looking into the mirror is a daily routine for Hara. 6:04 A.M. sharp, four minutes promptly after she wakes up, she, in irregular, short and long strides, walks up to the mirror that stretches across the wall of her bathroom to see her reflection looking back at her, almost mockingly. 203 more words

Creative Writing

Hara Louella

She’s the litlte girl behind this blog. A person who wants to share her thoughts to the world and her dreams and missions in the future. 109 more words


trust your gut

my asian dietary teacher remarked that when you eat with fear, along with food, that which you actually ingest is fear. if you eat with love, conversely, what you take in is love. 320 more words



Welcome to our website.

Dai-Hara Kizendo is a Ki development program designed to help you reconnect with your vital energy, to learn how to relax, to meditate. 25 more words

Dai-Hara Kizendo

Heavenly creatures

Good morning world! It is the weekend and I bet you’re all excited just like me. Lots to do this weekend for me, so it’s not going to be a lazy one, but it still feels great. 220 more words

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Mint Chicken

This chicken is mint!

Watching Quidee prepare this recipe, I was struck by how much mint and coriander are actually packed into this dish.  But it is also very easy to prepare and the flavour is incredible. 234 more words