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My Past Relationship

Before I write anything, I just want to say that I’m so glad that this happened. Through my first relationship, I’ve grown as a person in ways where I became more aware of my love language and became exposed to what I lacked. 233 more words


Winter Moods February 4

It’s turned colder over the past several days following a late January warm spell. The creek still trickles, but less each day. The Great Horned Owl still calls before sunrise. 167 more words



The former Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-so has not renewed its partnership with the Four Seasons group, and is now “going it alone”.

The hotel, inaugurated in 1952, is located uptown in Mejiro. 257 more words


dari Ambhen ke Harakarakastara

Tak terasa 7 tahun sudah Blog “ambhen”  menjadi bagian dari perjalanan hidupku. Berawal dari hanya sekedar keisengan semata hingga pada akhirnya blog ini lama kelamaan menjadi blog pribadi yang isinya beraneka macam tulisan mulai dari yang galau-galauan hingga tulisan terstruktur rapi ala jurnal ilmiah para dosen :) . 269 more words




Did you know there are about 202 species of chameleons in the world described as on June 2015.

They are found in various colors and sizes, and many species has the ability to changes color. 115 more words

Thoughts on Third Year

I have been in my third year of university for two weeks now, time flies when you’re…uhh…making too many mind maps and pointless post-it note walls, and not getting anywhere. 386 more words