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Urge Congress to Hit Harbor Maintenance Funding Targets

With the passage of the Water Resources and Reform Development Act (WRRDA) of 2014, Congress committed to achieve full use of the Harbor Maintenance Tax (HMT) through incremental increases over a ten-year period.  388 more words

Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance

WRDA Words

The Senate is about to take up the first water resources bill since President George W. Bush signed WRDA 2007 into law.  By the count of many stakeholders–ports, river dependent shippers, flood weary communities–it is around four years late.   936 more words


A Red Cape Wish List

The first formal expression of what the Obama Administration is looking for in a water resources bill came to light the other day in a March 14 letter from  766 more words


Where's My Refund?: Ford Motor Co. v. United States

Unfortunately, for Ford Motor Company, the check is not in the mail!   The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) had some bad news for Ford Motor Company (Ford) in its recent decision on Ford Motor Company’s claims for refunds of Harbor Maintenance Taxes (HMT), which the company claimed it paid on exports made before July 1, 1990.   1,012 more words


HMTF: A Bump and RAMP Strategy

Bump and RAMP doesn’t sound like a sophisticated legislative strategy.  It certainly isn’t a complicated one.  But when one is talking about the world of dredging one must do what one can to make it sound interesting. 789 more words


Obama Administration Prefers to Waste Energy

Ton-mile (noun) : A unit of freight transportation equivalent to a ton of freight moved one mile.

Why is the definition of ton-mile important?  And how does it relate to the Obama administration wasting energy?  375 more words

Merchant Marine

HMTF: RAMP Gets Its Chance

HR 7, the surface transportation (and energy) bill that was reported from the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the wee hours of February 3, has a wee Water Transportation title whose only provision is hortatory language about full use of the… 765 more words