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Fr. Sundborg Announces Final Term as SU President. In Other News, Flying Pig Spotted

Office of the President – Earlier this quarter, Seattle University president, Fr. Steven Sundborg, announced that the 2017/2018 academic school year would be his last as the leader of this fine Jesuit institution. 133 more words

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Fake: Gender Studies Major Won’t Help You Move, Despite Suggesting You Unpack Everything

Seattle, WA- It’s that time again: moving day. Everyone dreads it, and Xfinity TV even has a commercial dedicated to it. Maybe you are luck and have some dependable friends that will assist you in moving your stuff from your mom’s basement to the shitty apartment you found on Craigslist. 131 more words

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7 Best Places to Cry Across Campus, Ranked

You asked, we answered! Here are the best places on campus to just sit down and cry about how death is inevitable, tested out by Hard Copy. 273 more words

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Student Executive Council Member Still Unsure Exactly What Group Does

Undisclosed Location – Behind closed doors, the representatives that comprise the College of Arts and Sciences’ Student Executive Council convene every other week, to discuss their respective programs’ events, and to do… something. 179 more words

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90 Hammered Children Will Pack Themselves Into One of Your Pretty Little Houses This Halloween Weekend

It will start out as a normal evening. You’re going to meet a friend for a drink this Friday night. It’ll be great, you’re going to catch up, see how the beginning of the school year has been, and maintain a lasting relationship on what you think is going to be a pleasantly mellow occasion through and through. 303 more words

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My 8-year-old grandson cautioned me that to write important stuff in an email for posterity was not a very good idea.   “It’s technology'” he explained, and pointed out, “it’ll get lost really fast.” 830 more words



Let me ask you a hypothetical question… Let’s assume for a moment that you are hosting an event for somewhere between 50 and 75 of your closest friends. 157 more words