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Bookish Thought: Should I Give In and Get an E-Reader

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I’ve seen plenty of articles and blog posts about only reading from hard copy books over e-books and vice versa. It’s the topic that will always elicit various answers from everyone. 827 more words


Ski-Bros at Stevens Pass Don’t Realize They’re Douchebags

Somewhere in the mountains — “Brah, the powder today just isn’t what it was yesterday. I’m telling you: pure gnar on the slopes, back then. I was cruising at one point… I’m telling you, I was bombing down this double-black, and I was so pre-occupado with just how dopely I was tele-skiing that I almost biffed it into a couple of S.P.O.R.E.s who couldn’t handle their chops. 198 more words

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Tom Brady Just Pretending He Won the Super Bowl Again

Boston, MA – Tom Brady has not yet admitted to losing the Super Bowl championship to the Philadelphia Eagles. To get his official response, Hard Copy Sports Reporter Chip Sportsname went to his Massachusetts estate for an interview. 201 more words

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Breaking News: Rat Found Under Bon App Head Chef’s Hat

Cherry Street Market- Last week, Seattle University announced that it was replacing the delicious, efficient, and totally up to health code food services of Bon Appetit. 143 more words

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Report: Vi Hilbert Hall Will Be Made Entirely Out of Recycled Spectators

Vi Hilbert Hall- Seattle University broke ground on its flashy new campus residence hall over the summer, but it wasn’t until now that we learned that, in true #DivestSU spirit, Vi Hilbert Hall will be made entirely of recycled Spectators. 222 more words

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Hard Talk: How The Fuck Do You Spell Piggott

Pigot Building- It’s time to get serious, Hard Copiers: how the fuck do you spell Piggot.

You know, Pigott, the building where wannabe corporate America spends its time learning how to get rid of its conscience? 125 more words

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“Woke” Roommate’s Alarm Clock Still Going Off

Campion Hall, 7 AM on a Friday — Despite being a so called “woke” person, Sandra Miller’s roommate’s alarm clock continued to go off for nearly 45 minutes, sources confirmed. 87 more words

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