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Radically upgrade your PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Wii U hard drive for $100 or less

The prices of high-capacity hard drives have dropped so much recently that it makes sense to upgrade everything from desktop computers to laptops and game consoles. 1,145 more words


Is there a way to avoid the NSA Equation?

News from Kaspersky labs that the NSA has covertly infected the firmware of hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital, Toshiba, IBM, Seagate, Maxtor, Micron, Maxtor and Samsung is a shock to the tech world. 380 more words

I Don't Know Why, It Just Is!

Hard disks can have backdoors

And running Linux or formatting your hard disk won’t help.

How so? 141 more words


H – Hard Copy to Hedge

HARD COPY: Istilah komputer untuk hasil pencetakan langsung ke dalam kertas. Pengguna mengetikkan perintah, instruksi, atau data pada keyboard. Respon komputer, seperti informasi yang dimasukkan, akan tercetak pada kertas, yang akan memberikan pada pengguna salinan yang permanen dari masukan. 376 more words


Format Hard Disk with Notepad

You can try this on your enemies



Who's missing from the Gartner's Storage Magic Quadrant?

In my last four columns we looked at all four sections of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the popular graphic that analyzes and ranks various storage vendors on different products, this one on their ability to provide a primary storage system. 519 more words