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Comp repair | Identify a Windows OS crashing due to hard disk failure.

If your computer restarts often unexpectedly unsuccessfully or crashes often returning the blue screen of death, chances are your hard disk is fried.

Probably on one of the main capacitors on the hard disk is fried, and therefore cannot be able to regulate its temperature. 576 more words

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Hari Ini Saya Menemukannya

Hari ini mengeksekusi niat yang sudah lama ingin dilakukan.  Memindahkan file-file dari hard-disk netbook yang rusak ke laptop.  Ada yang menginginkan netbook yang rusak tersebut.  Kata teknisi komputer, mainboardnya harus diganti.   680 more words


Disk data management | How to convert an internal hard disk to external

Do you have an extra hard disk at home that is not in use? Or probably you have an old, or damaged computer with a hard disk just lying there. 423 more words

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Easeus data recovery wizard review| Retrieve your data in an organized folder manner.

Easeus data recovery wizard was developed by CHENGDU YIWO tech development .co. ltd. It is very efficient in data retrieval off your computer, as well as organizing the data in folder form. 614 more words

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Hard disk management. | Windows cannot be installed on an USB drive-solved.

Installing windows on an external USB drive using the windows setup, is not possible. As you are aware, windows returns an error every time you select a partition in the drive to install your windows. 611 more words

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Hard disk scare 3.5

Then I started running out of space on the 160GB HDD as well and I ordered a 1TB HDD.



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Speeding up slow hard disk drives Even after defragmentation, a half empty system hard disk drive still doesn’t run as fast as it should as compared to the feeling you get after a fresh Windows installation. 18 more words