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More Friends Don't Spy On Friends Again

It just isn’t done. Go ask Angela Merkel.

So that at least explains why the Germans have been spying on us (as in U.S.) for years and years now. 104 more words



Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.

Es sind besorgniserregende Zahlen: Laut Rüstungsbericht hat Deutschland 2016 fast doppelt so viele Kriegswaffen an Drittländer geliefert als noch ein Jahr zuvor. 6 more words


Condescension 2.0

None of this started with Donald Trump, you know. Just in case you were wondering.

Meet the new German problem. Same as the old German problem. 112 more words


It's Not Just About The Two Percent We Promised To Spend On Defense As A NATO Country

And still aren’t spending (1.3 percent the last time I checked), Angela Merkel explained to Donald Trump.

It’s also about “what a country makes available to NATO and what capabilities we have,” whatever that means. 124 more words


But Germany Would Defend Its NATO Allies If US-Amerika Attacked

This just in: Majority of Germans wouldn’t support defending NATO allies in Russia conflict. Why doesn’t that surprise anybody?

According to the US think tank, which interviewed people in European countries, the US and Canada, “NATO’s image is improving on both sides of the Atlantic.” … 88 more words


German Of The Day: Vortex

That means vortex. And Germans are terrified by vortexes, you know.

But they shouldn’t be terrified by that one. According to this article, few Germans even expect President Trump to finish his four-year term in the White House anyway. 78 more words


Wind Energy Still Safer Than Nuclear Energy

Unless you’re a bird, of course. Or you’re a truck driver transporting turbine blades on a German autobahn.

The giant turbine blade fell when the transporter which was transporting it was involved in an accident on the A33 autobahn near Bielefeld. 67 more words