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What Would Gazprom Gerd Do?

Or what will he do, I should ask. Duh. Talk about your no-brainer. You can say what you want about Gerd, but at least… 87 more words


Is Nothing Sacred?

I don’t want to be a fish stick in the mud, but speaking of the “U.S. push for world domination…”

Now the US-Amerikaner… 30 more words


Ultra-Safe German Government Debt?

It’s good to be the king. Isn’t it?

More than half of all German government debt with more than one year maturity is now trading negative. 43 more words


Just Out Of Cold War Storage

Demothball: to remove (naval or military equipment) from storage or reserve, usually for active duty; reactivate.

Germany plans to bring 100 mothballed tanks back into service in what is widely seen as a response to rising tensions with Russia over Ukraine. 17 more words


German Of The Day: Ɯberraschung!

That means surprise!

As in the circus has just come to town?

Clinton circus has become too much, even for political junkies


So Much For That Ongoing Illness

The copilot of the Germanwings plane that crashed into the French Alps appears to have hidden evidence of an illness from his employers, German prosecutors said after authorities found a torn-up sick note while searching his homes. 117 more words