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Another Year Closes

But Berlin’s “new” airport doors won’t. So that’s why the grand opening will have to be put off again for another year.

For now, I mean. 54 more words


Germans Disturbed That Racial Profiling Actually Worked

But not all too much, it seems.

I mean, who ought those police checks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne have been directed toward? Blonde Scandanavian retirees? 76 more words


At Least It's Not A Life Sentence

Or lebensl√§nglich*, as the Germans like to call it. It’s only 169 years.

Or could be. For Volkswagen managers who get arrested in US-Amerika… 124 more words



The new Elbphilharmonie!!

Instead of costing the planned 77 million euros it ended up costing Hamburg 800 million instead!!!

Breathtaking or something. Enjoy your status while you can, Hamburg. 45 more words


German Bad Word Of The Year 2016: Volksverräter

That means traitor, or traitor of the people. And it’s actually a non-word or un-word of the year, not just a bad word of the year. 118 more words


The Spy Who PowerPointed Me

Just like the way Russia doesn’t spy on US-Amerika, Iran doesn’t spy on Germany, either.

And when not doing so, Iranian spies don’t send… 60 more words


German Of The Day: Mogelpackung

That means deceptive packaging. And it’s not just in politics either, folks.

Lots of products get packaged deceptively over here, too. Take these chips, for instance. 61 more words