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Berlin's BER Airport Nonexistent And Too Small At The Same Time

Previously thought to be impossible within the realm of phenomenal reality, airport physisists were more than a little shocked today to discover that Berlin’s infamously nonexistent and still not new BER airport – latest takeoff delay soon to be announced for 2019 – is nevertheless much too small, despite its nothingness. 64 more words


The Wild Boar Is The One Without The Gun

I knew that German wild boars were tough hummamuffers but I had no idea they were this tough.

This was like the Bonnie and Clyde of wild boars or something. 85 more words


German Of The Day: Wegretuschiert

That means to airbrush out.

And a lot of customers are cross at the big German discounter Lidl these days for doing just that: Airbrushing out crosses on their products. 143 more words


It's Kind Of Like Your County Fair Back Home

Only they’re a little rougher at the pig exhibition here.

A massive erotica trade fair kicked off in Berlin today with thousands of horny punters streaming through its doors to see the latest designs in sex dolls, bedroom toys and porn. 62 more words


Evil US-Amerikan FBI Snooping In Purely German Matters Again

And providing needed proof for the German judiciary system that evil German homegrown spy agencies lke the BKA are clearly not able to provide (because they’re nicer, or at least less evil). 55 more words


German Of The Day: Staatsfunk

That means state broadcasting. And that doesn’t exist here in Germany, of course.

Or at least that’s what Germany’s state broadcasters are always telling us. 95 more words


The Mystery Of The Dying Dialect

It’s another one of those “not much of a mystery here at all” mysteries.

Why is “Berlinerisch,” the Berlin dialect, dying out? Do the math. 87 more words