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UFO Crash Site Secured In Germany

I mean UFO as in Unimpeded Falling Object, by the way.

And first reports indicate that these eerie, extraterrestrial vehicles appear to be American made. I got your Area 51 for you right here, pal. 22 more words


Money Doesn't Stink In Germany

That’s because it gets laundered here so much. Get it?

Over 100 billion euros gets processed here every year. They even call it Geldwäsche (money washing). 86 more words


German Soldiers To Put Even More Blitz In Blitzkrieg

They have to. No more overtime will be allowed during regular wartime hours so get ‘er done quick, men. I mean persons.

The German military, once the most feared fighting force in Europe, is being forced to lay down its weapons by restrictive new overtime limits. 70 more words


Germany's Favorite Sports Car?

Hey, times change. Just ask the folks over at Volkswagen.

In Germany, the land of the Autobahn, where speed is regarded as a national right, the best-selling sports car last month wasn’t the locally-built Porsche 911. 163 more words


Bomb Actually Sex Toy

So like, it doesn’t even qualify as a sex bomb?

German police called to the scene of a suspected bomb could breathe a sigh of relief when the feared explosive device turned out to be a sex toy… 93 more words


Yoga Spend The Rest Of Your Life In Prison

Or at least a year or two of your life, if it’s a German prison. Maybe longer, even. But only if they keep you in for good behavior. 92 more words


The Best Of Both Worlds

It’s a win-win situation for Germany again.

Austria solves the Germans’ refugee problem but they can still bitch and moan about how awful Austria is for having put up the mean and nasty border fence that did the solving. 84 more words