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German Of The Day: Angemessen

That means appropriate or suitable.

You know, like the appropriate or suitable compensation that the German government will now how to  pay to  the power companies it expropriated after the infamous (and ongoing) Fukushima Panic Attack of 2011? 55 more words


Just Reach Out To Refugees

Fearless Leader says. Before they reach out to you, I guess she means.

Yes, this is one isolated case. Albeit one particularly disgusting one. And one which the growing hordes of “ 97 more words


Is It Time For More Outrage Yet?

About the evil NSA spying on poor, defnseless Germany again?

“What’s new is that German intelligence not only used the NSA spy tools, but has also been involved in its programming for years.” … 61 more words


If It Works For You

Just let me get this straight. This married father of four German spy guy of Spanish descent is a onetime gay porn actor turned secret Islamist extremist mole? 117 more words


Fearless Leader: "Russian Cyber Attack Ain't No Big Deal"

It was only 900,000 users, after all. For only a day or two. And is probably only just the beginning, so don’t worry. Be happy. And now… 95 more words


SPD To Announce Candidate Later

Now that Angela Merkel has opened the campaign for next year’s parliamentary elections in Germany by announcing her intention to run for a fourth term, the folks over at the SPD have made it clear that they intend to wait until they are good and ready before announcing their candidate, probably sometime in 2018. 46 more words


Reluctant Drivenness: V1 B7 C5

JVJ moves toward Arras past obstacles and reasons to turn back, despite not having made up his mind to doing the thing that he seems driven to do by unseen forces and will. 204 more words

Les Miserable