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Amateur Climate Scientist Puzzled How Earth's CO2 Got To Mars

That’s right. I’m going to do a little amateur science today for once already if you don’t mind thank you.

I mean, I’m puzzled or something. 151 more words

Hurt Feelings

Germany Leading From Behind

While going in the wrong direction. With lots of wind in its face.

At one point this month renewable energy sources briefly supplied close to… 133 more words


German Population Growing After All

Sort of.

Can you do the (highly optimistic) numbers here?

2035 leben acht Millionen Migranten mehr in Deutschland


Bayern Munich Wins DFB Cup For The 2,397th Time

What a surprise or something. And right here in Berlin, too. And that after another fascinating goalless finish in normal time. I got lucky, though. 99 more words


Dream of Truth

For once I wrote a dream down on paper when I woke up and it’s taken me this long to get around to writing about it. 1,301 more words


What Part Of Last Place Don't You Understand?

I think I’m beginning to detect a pattern here. Didn’t Germany get last place at the Eurovision freak show last year, too?

And it’s not like the voting is ever… 77 more words


States Getting Safer All The Time

At least as far as Germany is concerned. Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia just got a whole lot safer than they were yesterday, for example.

How did this happen, you ask? 116 more words