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If It Wasn't For Last Place We Wouldn't Have No Place At All

Alllemagne, null points.

Deutschlands Schmach wird Teil einer Ausstellung: Es ist kein putziger Zufall, sondern tiefe Einsicht und Ausdruck der österreichischen Gemütslage, dass zum ESC im ehrwürdigen Leopold-Museum eine Ausstellung zu sehen ist, die “ 52 more words


Forget Mediation

What these guys need is some meditation. Or maybe some heavy medication.

Don’t worry. These GDL train drivers will be back for strike number ten… 64 more words


But What Does This Guy Know?

China and Russia are the most avid intelligence gatherers in Germany, says Hans-Georg Maassen, head of Germany’s intelligence agency.

But like, who cares about that? That’s beside the point or something. 30 more words


German Of The Day: Behindert

That’s what Germans are. Or at least one out of eight Germans are these days: Disabled.

Not only are they getting more and more old and gray and in the way… 189 more words


A Green Superpower?


Germany is a superpower when it comes to setting ambitious goals. But it’s even better at burning coal.

Germany aims to generate 80% of its power from renewable sources by 2050 with nuclear being fully phased out by 2021. 127 more words


Cologne 1945

An optical illusion?

It’s more like “delusion.”