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German Of The Day: Getarnt

That means disguised. You know, like the three terrorists from Paris who presumably made their way through Europe disguised as refugees? Now it’s out that at least one of them traveled through Germany. 67 more words


Die Mörder Sind Unter Uns

That’s an old post-World War II German movie called “The Murderers Are Among Us,” starring Hildegard Knef. It’s about Nazis in Germany after the war. 156 more words


Who Woke Up Insulation Nation?

Like how rude is that? Even if they’re only awake for a few minutes it’s still uncalled for.

* Germans long felt insulated after opposing 2003 Iraq war… 82 more words


German Of The Day: Bündnisfall

That means casus foederis in Latin. OK, OK, and that means a “case for the alliance.” The NATO alliance, that is. Article 5. And that’s the case we have in Paris right now. 120 more words


Sweden... Austria... Germany?

I don’t want to be offenceve here Angie, but I think it’s time to pull the ripcord.

How Sweden, the most open country in the world, was overwhelmed by migrants… 175 more words


Making Unpopular Decisions?

That was never a problem with this guy. And you don’t see that very much anymore, do you? Here or anywhere else. Sorry to see him go. 152 more words


Veterans Day Hard Facts, Pt 2: It's Time For Us To Stand Up and Fight for Them

Presbyterian Minister Mark Sandlin wrote an article that reflects my feelings lately on what Veterans Day has become vs. what it should be.

We need it to be a real reminder of the real costs of war.

322 more words