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German Of The Day: Checken

You know, like Checkpoint Charlie checken?

Checken means “to get it” in German. To get it as in, I dunno. How about to get it as in finally-now-at last understanding that terrorists really and truly have infiltrated your country as refugees? 106 more words


Never Touch A Running System

Why on earth do the folks over at the Bundeswehr think that they need to have a new camouflage system? The old camouflage is working amazingly well already. 94 more words


German Angst Is Back?

What do you mean, back? Did it like step out for a quick cigarette when nobody was looking or something? I certainly never saw it leave. 134 more words


Germany Not Personality-Driven?

Not off the cliff yet, you mean? Let’s stay tuned.

One potential explanation for Merkel’s boldness is that the German political system offers more shelter from public opinion than some others, particularly the American one, according to David Art, a political-science professor at Tufts University who focuses on comparative politics. 87 more words


Germany Overall Best Country In Overall Best Of All Possible Worlds

But they still won’t let you do this here:

Forget about trying this, too:

Germany was ranked the overall best country in the world, according to the rankings released by US News & World Report on Wednesday… 25 more words


The Magical Misery Tour

Maybe Angela Merkel can do it, but this Bavarian politician dude down below can’t. He’s mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore. 110 more words


No Evidence Here

That the Istanbul attacker targeted Germans, we read in the Deutsche Welle.

Sure all ten killed were German but that was absolutely positively a pure coincidence so don’t even go there thinking ridiculous and panicky thoughts like that, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere tells his countrymen. 46 more words