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German Of The Day: Armutszeugnis

That means “certificate of poverty” but is more like “evidence of incapability” or even “pathetic display.”

And that’s precisely what the head of the SPD is displaying so pathetically right now, yet again. 163 more words


Too Lidl Too Late?

More like too Lidl too big and too early.

The expansion of German discount chain Lidl into US-Amerika is turning out to be less successful than hoped, to put it mildly.  153 more words


Going, Going...


Here’s another one of those well-intentioned-do-gooder-mandates-from-above-meeting-reality kind of things. Why is it that reality is always popping up its ugly little head all the time, anyway? 162 more words


True Religion In Berlin

And no. It isn’t the one you might think it would be.

Only about one quarter of Berlin’s population belongs to one of the two big Christian denominations. 127 more words


Germans Oddly Quiet About Protests In Iran

I wonder why?

I know, let’s ask the Tasnim News Agency: The head of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce said Germany sold 2.358 billion euros ($2.846 billion) worth of goods to Iran, and imported just $328 million worth of goods from Iran in nine months from January through October 2017. 50 more words


One Out Of Two Ain't Bad

One out of two is actually much worse than we thought.

They may not be able to get her government to step down – she doesn’t have one anymore – but nearly half of Germans polled would now prefer it if Angela Merkel finally went away already and don’t let the door hit you on your way out. 68 more words


Have A Merry Muslim Christmas?

If only we could. I thought this was fake news at first but this stuff is for real, folks. Although… What is real anymore, anyway? Fake is real, real is fake. 194 more words