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"Remco's journey: from hearing aid to CI"

Remco is hearing impaired, wears hearing aids and is a social worker in daily life. Recently, he is discussing a CI (Cochlear Implant). In this new section, Remco writes about his process from hearing aid wearer to CI wearer. 444 more words

Hard Of Hearing

Lemons and Oranges: The Bittersweet Life

This week is … this month is not going as well as I had hoped.

We’re already two weeks in and I want to bang my head against the wall. 731 more words

"Marga hears too much!"

Hyperacusis, hypersensitivity to noise, is less well known than tinnitus, but there are many people who suffer more or less severely from it.
In this new section “Marga hears too much” you get to know Marga van Hintum. 625 more words

Hard Of Hearing

Harry Potter - Hearing Aids

You guys might not know this, but I use hearing aids. A couple weeks ago I saw someone post on Facebook – they had bought ‘decorations’ for their hearing aids, and I was intrigued. 248 more words


You did what now Lord? Part 3

That summer mom and I walked into the audiology office with confidence that I had indeed been wearing my hearing aid. However, when they did the test on my hearing they noticed a significant drop in my left ear. 1,038 more words


You did what now Lord? Part 2

If you have not read part one please stop where you are and go and read that piece first.

My mom remarried when I was in 6th grade. 1,247 more words