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Farm Life

My whole life, one of my goals has been to have a small functioning farm. My only goal was to have that farm be big enough to feed me, and my family. 660 more words

Pregnancy Updates: 18 weeks

For years, I have heard women all over talk about how much they “loved” being pregnant. They had the best time, it was the best time of their lives, blah blah blah. 1,017 more words

Stop Talking!!

I can’t stop talking. I talk on the time!

I’m driving myself crazy and I’m sure I’m driving Stuart crazy.

During the day I talk to KIki (our dog) a lot. 1,039 more words

Chronic Illness

Our 504 Meeting

After we learned that our daughter, Bug, was struggling a little in class because the teacher had changed her seating arrangement and had her sitting in the back of the classroom, … 955 more words

Hard Of Hearing

A Baby Makes Three

Wow. What a whirlwind these last few months have been. Before I knew it, it’s after the first of the year and has been almost a year since I posted. 277 more words


As a hard of hearing person who has always lived in the hearing world, I rely on things being adapted and accommodations to be made for me, but my personality is not one that makes demands or even for that matter expects or assumes that everyone will instantly comply.  275 more words