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Face-Coverings and D/deaf Communication

Face coverings are (finally) mandatory in shops. There is zero doubt, in my mind at least, of their benefits and the fact that they are playing an enormous part in keeping people safe and well. 654 more words

Bilateral Sensorineural Profound Hearing Loss

In all of my fears (and there were many), the possibility that my son Sawyer could be born deaf was never among them. My fears weighed more towards Autism, Down Syndrome, or a missing limb of some sort. 2,138 more words

Advanced Bionics

Be Unstopable in 2020

Before someone says, but she’s dead. Marvel theory says it wasn’t her, it was her sister Yelena Belova posing as her. That would also explain why Tony Stark got a huge memorial service but Natalia didn’t. 16 more words

Hard Of Hearing


My boss sent me a message the other day and said that while he and my coworker were talking, they noticed that communication had “oddly” gotten better with me and my coworkers since we have been remote. 1,374 more words

One Woman's Choice

Everyone Covered Their Lips, Now I Can't Hear

A subtle loss of hearing became severe when everyone masked up

First, I want to start this off by saying I believe in staying physically distant. 982 more words

Mental Illness