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When the H in _ear is Missing- a Challenge to Compassion

When the H in _ear is Missing- a Tough Challenge to Compassion

I don’t know if hear and ear have a related origin, but their spelling certainly suggests it.  1,388 more words


Fall Speechreading Class Schedule

August 20, 2017.  When you’re hard of hearing, you need to be savvy about different ways to help you communicate.  If you are hard of hearing, consider this opportunity to help improve your ability to understand what others are saying and take classes in speechreading, offered by the PEI Chapter of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association.  219 more words

2017 Blog Entry

Page 31, June

What I let out

It happened so often lately because of my hearing – I let the cat out of the bag this time.

Stephen came to take June to his house (for a surprise birthday dinner.)  He said, “Can I use your phone?” 108 more words


My Life With Music

How Deaf People Enjoy Music (video)

Just because a person is deaf doesn’t mean that they don’t like or listen to music. There are so many factors that go into that, which I don’t have the ability to fully explain. 1,219 more words

Visitors with Hearing Loss on Our Island

Photo:  We visited a roadside stand in Hope River.  Left to right:  Don, Jane, Daria, Annie Lee.

August 12, 2017.  Summer is the time when we see a lot of visitors to the island.  313 more words

2017 Blog Entry

The Role of Nondisabled People in Disability Awareness and Rights

The focus for many in the disabled world is rehabilitation, inclusion and development of technology, techniques policies that protect and empower the disabled person. These are all true and valid endeavors to pursue. 942 more words


The jingle, and why shame rears its ugly head

The other day I was out walking with the kids and a friend’s dog along a residential street in our neighbourhood. The kids were ahead of me: the boy bouncing a tennis ball in the way that boys bounce things, and the girl holding on to the leash of the dog. 1,028 more words