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EHDI 2019: Chicago

  • Hey there! I wrote a guest post all about the EHDI meeting over at the Georgia Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side blog! Go on over and check it out! 46 more words
  • Hearing Loss


    Dear readers, as you may probably already have noticed, I was “off line” for a few weeks. The reason for this was a visit to the hospital and subsequent rest. 493 more words

    Hard Of Hearing

    Divorce... And The Healing That Comes With It

    When I first started this blog post, I was going to write a long story about all of the ways I was wronged in my first marriage, and how unfairly I was treated. 695 more words

    Pregnancy Updates: Week 26

    The past couple of weeks have been a little rough. Before we get started, last spring I had injured my groin. I was hiking, and did a tougher trail than what I was used to. 609 more words

    Through a Son's Eyes

    {fiction… from a son’s perspective}

    I loved my mother.  She loved me, too.  I always knew that, and it was a very comforting thought.

    Mom was my only parent, and it built in us a special relationship.  1,524 more words


    Fresh to DEAF

    I grew up being clumsier than other kids. I was forever stumbling and falling on thin air. Up the stairs as opposed to down the stairs. 625 more words