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Why Don’t Pixies Wear Hearing Aids?

…During the March to May UK 2020 lockdown period, I was unable to take my usual regular keep-fit walk in the countryside. Ron, my next-door neighbour, suggested I walk around his very large back garden instead and one crisp March morning I entered the garden, trekking poles at the ready, took a deep breath and began to walk. 685 more words


Small steps towards Deaf firearms access in TX

Most ranges and LTC schools struggle to offer adequate options for the Deaf or hard of hearing. Even when competent and qualified interpreters are supplied, it can be almost impossible for students to pay attention to the different aspects of the class simultaneously. 109 more words


A Little Bit About Me!

I was born in 1974 to two loving parents that are still alive and together to this day.

I haven’t been like everyone else since I can remember. 222 more words



This is a work of fiction. Any spark of resemblance between the characters and any persons, acquaintances or exes of the reader (or writer for that matter) living or dead is purely coincidental. 5,519 more words


Hard-of-hearing: Another in-between.

I’ve been avoiding writing on this topic because my thoughts are not concise and they are fraught with emotion. I go back and forth on how I feel. 499 more words

Real Life