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When Did It Start?

“You were just born with it;” or “We don’t know.”

This is what my parents, especially my mother, used to tell me when as a young girl of 6 or 7, I questioned about why am I hard of hearing. 243 more words

Home And Family

Dear Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Fallon - Sign Language isn't a Punchline

We are now living in the 21st century. Even given an increase of nationalism, bigotry, and hate crimes, we have mostly moved past the prejudices of a century ago. 478 more words

TV Talk

Wait, You're Deaf!? 

So here’s the thing, let’s talk about something that is never talked about.. developing a disability. In our lives we talk about people who are born with disabilities and we talk about people who have obtained a disability through an accident; however, we never talk about people who have developed a disability due to an underlying condition. 688 more words

My crazy first week with a buzzing ear

A buzzing ear makes a surprise appearance

Looking back on the first week of realizing I had tinnitus almost brings a tear to my eye. Not to sound negative, but those that have or are currently experiencing unexplained buzzing ear sounds will know the frustrations and stupid thoughts that come with tinnitus. 138 more words


When loud is normal

My husband still believes his hearing is normal. And that everybody else is just munching on their words when they speak, so it’s their fault that he has a heck of a difficult time understanding what it is they’re trying to say. 102 more words

Random Thoughts

7 of my favourite deaf awareness initiatives for 2017

How Deaf Awareness Week is breaking down barriers

It is Deaf Awareness Week in the UK, May 15 to 21, and in the theme of celebrating collaborative work, I want to share with you some of my favourite 2017 awareness initiatives. 159 more words