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Hard Power

Whatever tactic in the leverage inventory makes you most uneasy is probably a good place to start.

Learn to be a hammer when the situation calls for it. 35 more words


They Expect You to Negotiate

When it’s time to talk offers (woo!), remember that they expect you to negotiate. It won’t make you look bad; in fact, what will make you look bad is not negotiating or not negotiating hard enough. 139 more words


Soft Power vs Hard Power

If You Want To Increase Your Power And Effectiveness, Consider Adopting More Soft Power! This Article explains WHY and HOW.

The rise of Western Authoritarianism has given a lot of people virtual heart attacks. 1,102 more words


Power in International Relations

The behavioral definition of power is useful to analysts and historians who devote considerable time reconstructing the past, but to politicians and leaders, it is ephemeral since the ability to control others can only happen with possession of resource such as population, territory, natural resources, economy, military and political stability. 789 more words

International Relations

UKIP and the Path to Power


The traditional perception of ‘strong leadership’ is the use of Hard Power. However, it will become apparent that Soft Power is the superior form of leadership. 2,290 more words

Colin Powell's Response to the Archbishop of Canterbury

“…And I don’t have to think I anything to be ashamed of or apologize for with respect to the what America has done for the world. 109 more words


The Origins of the Market Economy: State Power, Territorial Control & Modes of War Fighting.


The Origins of the Market Economy: State Power, Territorial Control, and Modes of War Fighting.


The origin and spread of money-based commodity markets is normally attributed to a natural evolution from barter and is usually seen as a solution to problems of exchange. 145 more words

Military History