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Sam Culper III - The Way Ahead

The Way Ahead: How We Can Restore Liberty in Our Lifetime

(Admin Note: For those new to the blog, I’ve espoused these ideas for a long time based on my professional experience as an Intelligence Analyst and a student of guerrilla and insurgent movements.  4,296 more words

American Spirit

China: Is soft power equally important to hard power?

Soft power, a term coined by Joseph Nye, is defined as the ability to shape the actions of other global actors in attempts to get other actors to want what you want. 1,566 more words

What Future for Europe's Eastern Partnership?

By Pierre Bussières

Carl Bildt of Sweden and Radosław Sikorski of Poland, the two leading architects of Europe’s ”Eastern Partnership” have just recently left the team. 808 more words


Russia: ICT Strategy Towards Knowledge Society


ICT Strategy Towards Knowledge Society


Russia is heavily investing and developing into Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) with the purpose of leading the way towards creating a knowledge society and using ICT’s soft power abilities as a tool to corrode and sway influence from the West, i.e. 9,174 more words

Hard Power

Answered on Quora 2015.03.17

Is China aggressive and will become a hegemonic nation as the U.S?

Answer by 閔俊榮 (Jeric Mina):

I don’t think China will become a world power at par with the US anytime soon or, at least, in my lifetime. 303 more words

Research And Development

Maybe we still need the USA to be the world's policeman

In Episode 7 of ‘The West Wing’ there is an episode called “The Cold”. Towards the end of it, the fictional President Jed Bartlett (played by Martin Sheen), explains to two Presidential candidates why he feels he has to order US troops into Kazakhstan 21 days before the upcoming election. 867 more words