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In foreign affairs, don't ignore "soft power"

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu during his 6 day visit to India (January 14-19, 2018), made some interesting points. While arguing in favor of the advantages of… 670 more words

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China’s Rise: “Sharp Power” or “Endgame” for global leadership?

The Economist highlights the concern for China’s “Sharp Power” in its Dec 16th 2017 Issue (p.9, 17-19) alongside “Soft Power” (culture and values) and “Hard Power” (military force and economic muscle). 758 more words


The 2018 Social Network of MFAs


In May of 2014, I published my analysis of the social network of world foreign ministries (MFAs) on Twitter. My assumption was that MFAs would actively follow one another online in order to gather relevant information. 1,239 more words

Digital Diplomacy

"State Power Index 1991-2017". First Country Ranking to Offer Balance between Hard and Soft Power

What are the most powerful countries in the world? Which place in the ranking of 168 countries did your country achieve and why? What global trends in terms of politics, culture, geography diplomacy and economics shape the global dynamics today? 714 more words

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What is Power?

Power is the form of ability that controls with the help of strength which derives from wealth, military equipment and knowledge. At various dictionaries, the definitions are also different. 526 more words


Book Review, The Big Stick: The Limits of Soft Power & the Necessity of Military Force by Eliot Cohen

“Power is the ability to get people to do things that they would not otherwise do. It implies purposiveness – the ability to make things happen.” 1,819 more words

BREAKING NEWS:   NATO Is No Longer Obsolete!

Wow.   We sure didn’t see that one coming. This is truly one of the great revelations of the entire Trump presidency, right up there with newly declassified information that shows that healthcare is complicated.

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