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PS4 Review: Hard Reset Redux

Hard Reset Redux takes place in a cyberpunk universe where machines are on the verge of extinguishing the human race. It opens with the last city, Bezoar, overrun with robots, seemingly let in from an inside source. 313 more words


Hard Reset Redux (review)

Yeah this game is alright, you will have to buy it onsale like I did for 3euro and then it’s a fair price.
The Storyline is a little weak and unclear, but basicly you go about and shoot whatever wants to kill you. 169 more words


Hard Reset Your Android!

Hey there!

Following are the steps to hard reset your android device:

When using this feature; everything is deleted from the device.

Reset will require a minimum battery level of 25%. 147 more words

Hard Reset Redux

They warned us about the machines rising up.

Hard Reset Redux is the newly released and definitive version of the original Hard Reset featuring enhanced visuals, improved performance, rebalanced gameplay, a new enemy type, updated enemy placement, and even a new weapon. 529 more words


Loyalty Discount

The best kind of discount.

For all the criticism that Steam receives I feel that there are a few things they do which are pretty neat. 613 more words


How to recover forgotten Pattern lock on Galaxy S3

If you forget your password on Galaxy S3 or you have applied a pattern lock and forget your pattern, then there is no need to worry. 128 more words

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