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SNOWFALL ON MARS by Branden Frankel

“Although the terrain is a rusted red-orange, it is gashed at random internals with outcroppings of faded grey rock.  In the distance are snow-topped hills.  There are no plants. 

835 more words

The Spectrum from Pure Science Fiction to Pure Fantasy

She asked, “What is the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy?”

I am after all a Mathemagical wizard of sorts so I invented a gauge… 265 more words

Sci Fi with an emphasis on the fi, with a lot of the sci  glossed over.  That’s fine by me.  I  don’t really need a course in astrophysics or quantum physics to enjoy a story about the final frontier. 694 more words


NEMESIS GAMES by James S. A. Corey

The fifth in the hopefully never ending series The Expanse, by those two guy who write under one name.  For what has gone before, just put the author’s name in the search box here. 530 more words


CIBOLA BURN by James S. A. Corey

This is the fourth in The Expanse sci fi series.  This novel describes the flood of humanity now pouring out into the galaxy and the race for the newly accessible resources on the various planets and asteroids, using the ring gates that the aliens have left behind something like a kabillion years ago. 756 more words


THE RED: FIRST LIGHT by Linda Nagata

Official plot:  Lieutenant James Shelley commands a high-tech squad of soldiers in a rural district within the African Sahel. They hunt insurgents each night on a harrowing patrol, guided by three simple goals: protect civilians, kill the enemy, and stay alive—because in a for-profit war manufactured by the defense industry there can be no cause worth dying for. 580 more words