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The best of two worlds

Sometimes it comes at night. I lay awake in the middle of the night, and think, unbound and unbounded, and ideas come. And often, I eventually get back to sleep, right before I have to get up, and I lose it all. 508 more words


The history of emissions and the Great Acceleration

One of my pastimes is downloading data and playing around with it on Excel. I’m not kidding myself that doing this means anything in terms of original research, but I do find that I learn quite a lot about the particularities of the data and about the science in general by doing some simple calculations and graphing the numbers. 1,828 more words

Hard Science

Influence, this isn't Rocket Science

It is much harder.

Rocket science is hard and fast. Mass, burn rates, gravity, momentum – these are all based on the laws of physics. 204 more words

Information Operations

Dr Meredith Chivers: Rock Star of Sex Research

Here at the ODS Foundation we are total sex geeks and Dr Meredith Chivers of Queens University in Kingston Ontario is one of our most cherished heroes. 208 more words

Meredith Chivers


(Disclaimer:  This post is strictly for educational purposes only.  Any trades presented by the narrator are not recommendations nor will be held liable for any trades one makes in regards to the strategy presented.   706 more words

Mars and The Martian

I figure you must be almost as frantic as I am coming down the holiday home stretch. Overwhelmed with things to do and vowing not to nibble that second Christmas cookies or sip the third eggnog, (So yummy) I am noticing the pounds climbing alarmingly upwards on my scale. 618 more words

Science Fiction

Transhumanism is now

So, in our lifetime we have seen absolutely mind boggling technological advancements in nearly every part of our lives.  Anything from cell phones to LEDs to life-altering devices are not just common now, but the norm.   127 more words