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ANCHOR LEG by Jack Croxall

This little sci fi YA was almost good.  Almost.  Fell a bit short as the ending drew near because the actions became more and more improbable and the plot more predictable. 315 more words


ABADDON'S GATE by James S. A. Corey

I love literary allusions.  Some of them I have to look up, like this one.  This one I believe is a reference to a questing game, where Abaddon’s Gate is the entrance to the third and final layer of the prison built by the five gods of this game’s world. 438 more words



This is an award-winning sci fi book by China’s most famous sci fi writer.  It was written in 2008 but not translated into English until 2014 by the excellent Ken Liu, no relation to the author.    463 more words


I am not sure, but I think Caliban is a reference to either the X-Men world of superhuman robotics run amok, or to Roger McBride Allen’s… 379 more words


THE HUNGER OF TIME by Damien Broderick and Rory Barnes

Technology has started to accelerate at a terrifying rate. By mid 21st century, we might see a Singularity: a convergence of artificial intelligence, advanced nanotechnologies for building things at the atomic scale, precise genomics, other wonders. 405 more words


How one guy revolutionized science by guessing

 In general, we look for a new law by the following process. First, we guess it (audience laughter), no, don’t laugh, that’s really true.

-Richard Feynman, …

938 more words

The Dark Tower by C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis is renowned worldwide for his children’s fantasy novels, especially the Chronicles of Narnia, but his less known works include a trilogy of science fiction novels plus an unfinished fourth (The Dark Tower.) An intended fourth entry to The Cosmic Trilogy, it was never finished or published. 561 more words