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The Church & Statistics on Sexuality

Many within the Church claim they are not influenced by the work of Alfred Kinsey. Although most don’t want details, they acknowledge his aberrant thinking. They’re aware of his abuse of men, women, children, and science. 963 more words

Identity Shapes Faith & Practice

And even more science rolls on...

It’s like an avalanche at the moment… So I’m going to do things in sections:

Phobos is breaking up: See here for more details. Given what is my short story  378 more words

Science Fiction

PANDORA'S STAR by Peter F. Hamilton

A huge, sprawling, epic of a space opera, aka sci fi drama/intergalatic war stuff. This thing is as long as three books, but since there are something like four plot threads interweaving throughout, it doesn’t look possible to separate this doorstop into say, a trilogy.  728 more words


Science And Technology

I left off reading Michael Critchon in the blog post “R.I.P Authors” by reviewing “Disclosure” and “Congo”. Since then I have delved deeper into the worlds that have advanced in science and technology in the most fatal ways. 657 more words


The Martian, by Andy Weir

Okay everyone, I recently finished The Martian, by Andy Weir. As many of you may know this is currently being made into a movie and is set to be released this October. 498 more words

Andy Weir

Space ~ The One True Conquest

In the exaggerated swirls that have become my days
I watch the diamonds fading into the ebon jet of the coming night
And I wonder if those stars… 108 more words