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Dear father,

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wonder about you. I wonder if you still look like you did in your military photo, im guessing not. 447 more words

Today, I miss you. 

Hey love,

I’m missing my mom today, honestly. Even through all the crap we have been though I have days where I miss her. Today being one of them. 513 more words

Growing Pains

This post originally appeared on Everyday Exiles.

The past couple of weeks have been a little tough on my family. We’re facing some growing pains of a particular kind. 374 more words


More time

A couple weeks ago I took the dog on a long walk through the bike trail near our home.

The world was dark, chilly and quiet as we started out in the street lamp glow. 402 more words


IVF (I'm Very Fortunate)

I’m writing this blog because one of my closest’s friends is pregnant through IVF. I can’t even imagine the intense emotions this brings to a person/ family, but I DO KNOW THERE ARE NOT A LOT OF POSTS FOR PEOPLE SUPPORTING FRIENDS GOING THROUGH IVF! 823 more words

Jumbling Jargon

Fighting Fear

Fear chokes out freedom.

On the outside, your life may seem as perfect as it can be; but on the inside, there’s something holding you back from true life and freedom. 714 more words

Spiritual Life

PTS & My Mess

Hey love,

How are you today? Drinking something good and warm? Here in Minnesota its like crazy windy, like at my house 50 mph wind thrusts. 357 more words