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The Big Stuff

I realized something recently.  Hope’s epic disaster moments are easier for me to handle than the more routine dumb stuff teens do.

She doesn’t clean her room for a week, and I lose my ever-loving mind.  848 more words


What She Carries

I started this piece maybe two months ago, when things were feeling heavy and dark and chaotic.  It was one of the first times I intentionally set out to draw what I was feeling, and it’s one of my favorite pieces so far.

It's Personal

Six days and a wake up

That’s how much time until N, former student and assistant, paroles.  It’s such a bittersweet moment for me, their parole date and all its attendant excitement and anxiety and uncertainty.  333 more words


Thoughts on the Single Life

I am a single mom.

I’ve been giving this single adjective a lot of thought lately.

I have really been feeling the weight of being a single parent, certainly, all of Hope’s time with me, but it’s been especially so the last few weeks. 406 more words


Ask the Church lady... Sad over our sickess

Ask the Church Lady…
Hey Babies how y’all doing? Now I am kind of hesitant about this advice stuff, but it seems that you all just keep right on asking; so you know me…I’ve just got to keep right on telling. 781 more words


Book Review: Things We Know by Heart by Jessi Kirby

Quinn Sullivan lost her boyfriend Trent in a motorcycle accident.  His donated organs went to people all over the country, and when she meets Colton Thomas, the boy who got Trent’s heart, the two feel an immediate connection.   273 more words

Books And Reading

The moon rises

Some mornings when I enter the parking lot of the facility, the full moon perches on the tip of a silhouetted pine.  It is enormous – pale gray and ephemeral.   253 more words