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Nine Months Later

I’ve been on the road ever since Hope and I returned from #thebestspringbreak ever. It has been kind of grueling and I know that it’s been hard for my daughter. 1,081 more words

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New Beginnings

Beauty is everywhere.

I have just emerged from a season of struggling. Struggling to hear God’s voice most clearly. Struggling with changes on the horizon. Struggling to trust God’s purpose even when it didn’t look like what I had planned. 620 more words

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The Hard Stuff to Write

The Hard Stuff to Write Part One

I’ve felt like a lot of my life growing up was just me being yelled at, over nothing. It seemed like I was just and easy target to pick on and to take one’s anger out on. 565 more words


Five Truths I was Reminded of While Being Without my Car

Today I got my car back from a collision repair shop. It was gone for an exact month due to an accident in January.

God used a month without my car to remind me of a few truths! 854 more words

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Over-Under Achievers

Hope is in serious danger of needing to repeat this school year. I’m not sure what set it all off, but this year has been an academic nightmare. 670 more words


What's in a name?

Naming books is not my favorite activity. I would rather write another hundred thousand words of narrative than pick the two to five words that will capture its essence on the cover.  424 more words

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Trust In The Lord

You never know how prepared you are for a crisis until you’re in the middle of one.   We had a family crisis earlier this month, involving one of my children.  585 more words

Lent 2018