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Day 7 (the end of the beginning)

Day 7

I’m going to warn you all. This is by far my longest. But I think it’s also my best!

Today’s a hard one to write. 948 more words


Holy. Crap. I forgot what alone time felt like. 😨😨

Child at School: Check.
Boyfriend teaching: Check.
Mommy Alone: Check.
Am I actually ready for this?

I sent my baby to her first day of Kindergarten yesterday morning. 456 more words


Do you think I'm black?

When I was in high school, black boys and white boys both called me names.  “Oreo” and “high yellow” came from the black boys, “grape ape” and “jolly green giant” came from white boys.  811 more words



I’ve been avoiding writing for the last several months.  There are many reasons for this.  I’ve been turning to artwork as an expressive outlet, a need to be out of my internal, intellectual world, a deep, pervasive feeling of exhaustion, and, related to that exhaustion, no desire or will. 294 more words


Bus Ride Protocol

I entertained doing a political disclaimer on this post but decided not to. I think it’s important for folks to understand the real life implications of language that incites hate, language that makes bigots and racists feel free to avoid any kind of self-censorship, and language that makes my daughter send me text messages about what she’s observing while taking the bus to her tutoring center during our morning commute. 654 more words

African American Adoption

Traffic Stop Protocol

Hope and I are taking a trip to the beach this weekend. Note, this is not a vacation since both Hope and Yappy are accompanying me—this is a trip. 946 more words

Hard Stuff

Mood Swing Apps

I track our moods. I use apps. I like data. I want to see if there are patterns, if I’m gauging what I see and feel properly. 377 more words

Finalization Life