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1, 2 Breathe, Repeat

Yesterday was a hard day. I don’t just mean a hard day. I mean a tears down my face, oversharing on Facebook, feeling like a failure, HARD day. 764 more words

Life On Purpose

Connected and Ish...

We’re a little over a week into the year, and I already feel like I have hell in a hand-basket in my home. Trying to get routines back in place is hella hard when there was a two week break, followed by two days of school, followed by three snow/cold days. 934 more words


Parenting in the Era of #MeToo

As my fellow sisters continue to take to social media to share their experiences around sexual harassment, assault and other predatory behavior, I’ve been thinking about how all this affects Hope and kids like her. 733 more words


In Christ Alone

Hey, friend! I hope you are living abundantly in Christ. Not just surviving, going through your daily routine, tired, and counting down the days until your next break.  503 more words

Spiritual Life

Once Grateful for Death

-Written 06/17/2017-

When I first noticed my dog was dying, really, this time, she seemed asleep, but she wasn’t. She looked up at me with a yearning to rise up and greet me like she used to: tail wagging, eyes twinkling, and sometimes her whole body would shake with a sensation of happiness I may never know myself. 1,138 more words

Mental Health

My Father. 

Dear father,

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wonder about you. I wonder if you still look like you did in your military photo, im guessing not. 458 more words

Today, I miss you. 

Hey love,

I’m missing my mom today, honestly. Even through all the crap we have been though I have days where I miss her. Today being one of them. 513 more words