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ABM & DAI - The Sequel

I am so excited to share the second part of my series with The Donaldson Adoption Institute! In this post I discuss how same race adoptive families of color can also struggle with racial identity issues.  231 more words


Be Rooted

Your light in the darkness shines so bright.

Because you stand out, you are a larger target to aim at.

The enemy is reminded of his own destiny whenever you choose to fight and continue to seek God.

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Spiritual Life

New Skin

After spending all of 2016 trying to orchestrate Hope’s success, I slid into December exhausted and frustrated. My daughter was frustrated and exhausted. Our relationship felt no better than it did at the beginning of the year. 968 more words


Post election thoughts

I’m publishing this two days after the Ascension of trump, almost two months post-election.  I started writing this post and then just had to stop, but I’m posting so I can track my thought process and watch its evolution.   417 more words

It's Personal

Thoughts on Discipline

I’ve been writing about how I’m trying to let natural consequences rule the day when it comes to discipline around these parts. In some ways it’s working; in others, not so much. 579 more words


More in Store

What wounds are you hiding?

God desires to use the: nasty, embarrassing, and hurtful wounds we hide to tell beautiful stories of hope and redemption. 276 more words

Spiritual Life

Why Good Community is Hard to Find

I was walking in our town one day recently and, with it being winter, there are fewer animals around right now. I was walking past some houses and saw something move out of the corner of my eye and looked to see a sizable hawk with some prey in its claws. 542 more words