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Things I Said I'd Do (And Haven't)

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lack of follow-through in myself. By ‘lately,’ I mean basically ever since my dad passed away. I wish that didn’t sound cliche or excuse-like, but there it is. 579 more words

Just Thinking

Silence in Adoptionland

When you are a part of a marginalized group, you learn early on that the norm is white unless otherwise stated. You learn a language that includes sign posts that hip you that the space is not white owned or dominated. 953 more words

African American Adoption

Thoughts on Being Invisible in Adoptionland

Hope shared an interesting tidbit with me today. We were recently asked to participate in a video for our adoption agency recruiting other potential adoptive parents for older foster kids. 470 more words


Hard Stuff

Though we both have plenty to add to this category in the form of damn near debilitating experience, here is an article for anyone who stumbles upon this part of our realm.   82 more words

Hard Stuff

Hard Stuff

This is where we’ll have lots of info, advice, guests, and shares regarding the departure from a relationship lacking intimacy altogether.

Hard Stuff

Narrow Range of Emotions

During all of our quality time this past weekend, I asked Hope how she was feeling emotionally these days. I got the standard issue response, “Same.” 796 more words


Something About Making A Decision

Style vs. substance. Performance over polish. Chocolate or vanilla. Pepsi or Coke.

In life there are things we must consider when making a decision. You could use one of those Venn diagrams to help you make your decision or just use a gut instinct. 125 more words

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