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Subject for Review: DESCENT

Wiki Blurb: Descent is a 2007 American thriller film directed by Talia Lugacy and produced by and starring Rosario Dawson.

Ok so the wiki blurb is pretty useless for this movie so let me give you the run down.   318 more words


Compliance (2012)

How can anyone be so dumb?

This question will occupy your brain for most of this uncomfortable film. And dumb and stupid and gullible are the words. 470 more words



I am going to have to apologize.  This entry is not going to be funny.

I have had a fruitcaking awful week!

Watching the news this week has been hell.   51 more words

Certain things are still hard to watch...

So I’m continuing in my Smallville watching and found myself crying during an episode in season 2. (if you’ve seen the show it’s the one with Ryan’s reappearance) As I swapped out the discs I realized that it doesn’t really matter what the show or movie is, I have a hard time watching certain things. 512 more words


I had heard about this film in many discussions, seen its title in One-Timer or Unwatchable lists, and taken in all the warnings and decided not to feed my curiosity. 657 more words


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Review by Sam

The title of this film made me quite sceptical when going in to watch this film. In all honesty, I thought it was going to be a marshal arts type film that dealt with a master training a young protégée to become a great fighting hero. 524 more words

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