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I was always an emotional child. Meaning the simplest things could put me in tears. A dead rabbit on the side of the road. Getting in trouble at school.

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No Regard

this warm humid wind
blows by
hard and cold


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We are doing college right. Hating every second of it.

They all said it would be fun. The best time of your life.  But you got here and it wasn’t.  Actually you kind of hate it. 290 more words


It's a difficult day

I feel very useless, fed up and exhausted and it’s horrible. It’s one of the days that I have often unfortunately and I feel like accomplishing something is so very far away and I’ll give up at whatever I do and probable just fail, which to me feels like it happens all the time and unfortunately I feel very sad. 51 more words

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Timeless Advice for Making a Hard Choice

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Laura Schneider for HBR

The more responsibility you take on at work and in life, the more often you face gray-area problems. These are situations where usually you have done a lot of hard work, on your own and often with other people, to understand a problem or a situation. 1,082 more words