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Good Video Game Sex Scenes Are Hard To Make

(Source: kotaku.com)

There are a lot of terrible sex scenes in mainstream games. There are also a handful of good ones, as seen in games like The Witcher 3. 1,212 more words


Call me Medusa

These sleazy intentions
seem to kill more than those so-called “reported” serial orgasms.

To say,
-off the record-
that you give me both…
feels very disturbingly corrupt… 238 more words


Success Takes Work

Success takes hard work and discipline. Rome didn’t grow to be the empire that it was, because they sat around dreaming of what could be. They got to where they were, because they worked hard to acheive those goals and they were disciplined enough to not stray away from those goals. 64 more words

Why do Britons find it so hard to save?

Saving money isn’t exactly the most glamorous thing to do with your hard earned cash. A recent survey by Aviva found that 21% of us in the UK have no savings whatsoever. 154 more words

Trump: "I thought it would be easier"

President Donald Trump seems to be on a bit of a learning curve. Any new president is. Especially any new president with no previous experience as an elected representative, taking on one of the most powerful and most responsible and most complex and difficult jobs in the world. 1,462 more words


Ways to help someone with PPD

Keep on persisting to ask what’s the matter even though they keep changing the subject. Consistently check up on her, and just listen.