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wasted time

Sometimes you get stuff done. It feels good when you make that happen. Better yet, when it comes naturally. Other days you waste time avoiding doing things that you find too difficult or don't enjoy. 71 more words



Will power is not easy but it is something one must always have.

Daily Thoughts

Why People Cheat

Understanding Why Some People Have A Hard Time Being Faithful, and How To Choose Those That Will Be Faithful And Supportive

Finding out the love of your life has been cheating on you can be the most devastating thing you’ll ever encounter. 20 more words


Some obsessions are hard to define
They lie on the verge of staying and leaving
Giving you a glimmer of hope
For one moment
And the fear of loss on the next… 28 more words



I had the courage

I knew it was time

I opened my mouth

But was drowned in your voices

Mother said she loved me

but with doting eyes… 62 more words


Thankful for the rain


Yes, it makes flowers grow, rivers run, & some people happy. But to me…it often gets depressing.

It’s like the sky sheds a million tears while the wind rages against anything that stands. 216 more words

Are You a 'Superager?' You Might Be If Your Brain Shows These 2 Key Differences

(Source: www.inc.com)

When I’m a little old lady, my second dream is to have the barbed wit of Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls. (I am, after all, pretty sarcastic and under five feet tall.) My first dream, though, is to… 548 more words

Money Matters