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REVIEWED: Children of the Fleet

Children of the Fleet by Orson Scott Card (Science Fiction Novel, 2017).

This, the latest novel set in the Ender’s Game universe, marks its acclaimed and veteran author’s first solo effort in the series since 2008. 450 more words

REVIEWED: Winter of Ice and Iron

Winter of Ice and Iron by Rachel Neumeier (Heroic Fantasy Novel, 2017).

This one is a meaty and above average hunk of heroic fantasy adventure writing from a solidly respected pro writer. 581 more words

REVIEWED: Dare Not Linger

Dare Not Linger by Nelson Mandela, Mandla Langa and Graca Machel (Memoir/Biography/Recent History, 2017).

While thoroughly readable and interesting, this book is a somewhat odd blend of personal memoir and political biography. 504 more words

REVIEWED: The Secrets She Keeps

The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham (Psychological Thriller, 2017).

On the surface, Meghan has a pretty wonderful life. She’s married to a handsome and successful sportscaster. 278 more words

REVIEWED: Gabriel's Angel

Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts (Romance Novel, 1989).

Roberts is, of course, one of the most honored and best-selling authors of our time. She’s also adept at many distinct genres. 393 more words

REVIEWED: Empress of the East

Empress of the East by Leslie Peirce (Historical Biography, 2017).

Leslie Peirce is a recognized authority on the Ottoman Empire and its unique royal harem practices. 526 more words

REVIEWED: Serenity: No Power In The 'Verse

Serenity: No power in the ‘Verse written by Chris Robinson, art by Georges Jeanty, Karl Story, Wes Dzioba, Michael Heisler and Stephen Byrne (Graphic Novel, 2017). 510 more words