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War Cry by Wilbur Smith and David Churchill (Historical Novel, 2017).

I found this sprawling historical novel readable, yet somewhat disappointing. Smith is a very experienced and respected historical novelist (take note of Stephen King’s front cover proclamation as to his abilities). 1,051 more words

REVIEWED: Trajectory

Trajectory by Richard Russo (Story Collection, 2017).

The latest book from Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Russo is a collection of four novella-length works. Three previously saw publication elsewhere, while the fourth is new. 486 more words

REVIEWED: Star Wars Aftermath: Empire's End

Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig (Star Wars Novel, 2017).

This entry in Del Rey Books’ series of tie-in books concludes a trilogy of original novels by Wendig. 681 more words

REVIEWED: Manderley Forever

Manderley Forever: A Biography of Daphne Du Maurier by Tatiana De Rosnay (Biography, 2017).

The title here is, of course, a reference to the fictional mansion in Du Maurier’s best known novel, … 327 more words

REVIEWED: Hell hath No Curry

Hell Hath No Curry by Tamar Myers (Cozy Mystery Novel, 2007).

I was in the mood for some light reading and had no objection to an older title (but it was new to me and part of a familiar, delightful series I’ve enjoyed before). 403 more words

REVIEWED: Rebellion

Rebellion by Peter Ackroyd (English History, 2017).

Of late, noted author Peter Ackroyd has been producing books on the history of England. This volume centers on the hectic and unstable seventeenth century, a time of constant political maneuverings, double-dealing and turmoil (both domestic and in foreign relations). 251 more words