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REVIEWED: My Italian Bulldozer

My Italian Bulldozer by Alexander McCall Smith. (Romantic Novel, 2016).

I’m a big fan of McCall Smith’s charming No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, set in the small African nation of Botswana. 297 more words

REVIEWED: Two Nights

Two Nights by Kathy Reichs (Mystery Novel, 2017).

Reichs is of course best known for the books featuring Temperance Brennan (and the Bones TV series that sprang from them). 354 more words

REVIEWED: Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. (Historical Novel/Classic Literature, 1852).

This anti-slavery epic from shortly before the American Civil War is of great historical significance (Lincoln himself claimed that it played a major part in bringing on the war itself). 956 more words

REVIEWED: I'd Die For You (and other lost stories)

I’d Die for You (and other lost stories) by F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Story Collection, 2017).

Yes, the much-honored (even revered) author of The Great Gatsby… 662 more words

REVIEWED: Ghost Monster

Ghost Monster by Simon Clark (Supernatural Horror Novel, 2009).

A so-so horror tale from a British writer who’s done much better at other times. Set in a small town on the English coast, it has an isolated and frankly somewhat old-fashioned feel, despite it having been written less than a decade ago and (with the exception of 30 year previous introductory prologue) supposedly takes place in the 2009-version of “today.” The book’s very title (it’s what local children call a strange unsettling remnant of a bitter and superstitious, early 18th century past) comes off as sort of clunky to me, as well. 441 more words

REVIEWED: Last Day on Mars

Last Day on Mars by Kevin Emerson (SF Novel/First of Trilogy, 2017).

This, the first book in the Chronicle of the Dark Star trilogy, is a rollicking space opera adventure of the relatively near future (the main body of the novel is set in earth year 2213). 857 more words

REVIEWED: Three Days in January

Three Days in January: Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission by Bret Baier, with Catherine Whitney. (Historical Biography, 2017).

The title of this fascinating and generally insightful book refers to the last 3 days of Mr. 1,233 more words