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Garden Planning

On Friday, Aaron said to me, “We should start planning what we want to plant this year.” And I said, “Oh, right, I meant to make something for that!” Because, as I so often do, I had had a brilliant idea for garden planning, but then I’d forgotten my brilliant idea. 632 more words


dear brown thumbs,

Have you decided what you mean when you talk about gardening or being a gardener? Sometimes it can be important for us as individuals to decide how we want to function in an area of interest. 352 more words


Gunny G: Bambusa ventricosa Kimmei Kimmei Bamboo ~ (Buddha Belly)... "...interesting story about how he first got it from a woman he met at a bamboo show who supposedly smuggled it in from Japan..."

Bambusa ventricosa Kimmei, common name: Kimmei Bamboo, also identified as Bambusa tuldoides ‘Ventricosa Kimmei’ has yellow culms with green vertical stripes.Maximum height: 30 ft.Maximum culm diameter: … 186 more words

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Gunny G: Clumping Bamboo... Buddha Belly...

DWARF BUDDHA BELLY BAMBOO Bambusa vulgaris WaminCan grow 12-15 feet with 3″ diameter canes. Cold Sensitive.CLICK photo for more picturesWith its compact size and unusually shaped canes, Wamin is an exotic and exciting addition to any landscape. 127 more words

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The Flooded Forest and Unkempt Garden

Yesterday was a wonderful spring day to enjoy nature.  We took a walk along Big Creek and you can tell from all the leaves, trees, and random children’s playground equipment scattered throughout the forest that last week’s rains caused the creek to swell quite a few feet above the banks.      138 more words

Connecting With Nature

Do you know what your USDA hardiness zone is?

Do you know what your USDA hardiness zone is? When choosing the vegetables, berries, and fruit trees you will plant you need to know your hardiness zone, especially if you yourself are a transplant.   239 more words

What And When To Plant

Preparing for Spring Gardening

Yes, I said ‘Spring Gardening’, it will be here before we know it.  Our seed catalogs have already started appearing!  We can now start to think about gardening outdoors in the nice warm spring weather.  553 more words