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BBC Cock Up

memo to BBC – pretty sure you’ve got the name of the big collider thingy wrong :lol:


"Any Port In A Storm"

This is the point when an adolescent boy is sufficiently sexually excited enough to ‎momentarily shelve his determination to be with “The Girl Who Fits His Desired ‎Prerequisites For A Girlfriend” in exchange for the potential of achieving orgasm with ‎anyone . 35 more words


#amazed #hardon #for #architecture #beautiful #detail

I say the same thing about going to the grocery store or Target.

Alone, But Not Alone

Woke up alone. Staring at the ceiling as I run my hand down to my arousal, which apparently wanted to see the ceiling before I did. 211 more words


And in the beginning, it became evident. He was MINE.  Possession is, after all, 9/10ths of the law, right?


God Condom

God terrorist hard preacher on politician condom child