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The physics of love...

Everything just has to fall in line perfectly in order to fall in love.

Like the Large Hadron Collider…


My poetry.



BBC Cock Up

memo to BBC – pretty sure you’ve got the name of the big collider thingy wrong :lol:


"Any Port In A Storm"

This is the point when an adolescent boy is sufficiently sexually excited enough to ‎momentarily shelve his determination to be with “The Girl Who Fits His Desired ‎Prerequisites For A Girlfriend” in exchange for the potential of achieving orgasm with ‎anyone . 35 more words


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I say the same thing about going to the grocery store or Target.

Alone, But Not Alone

Woke up alone. Staring at the ceiling as I run my hand down to my arousal, which apparently wanted to see the ceiling before I did. 211 more words