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New Bike [pengganti Xtrada 4.0 yang hilang.. a new post after years]

Ya.. akhirnya ngangkut juga sebuah sepeda (bekas) setelah si Xtrada yang pernah menemani saya dari Kalimantan, Jogja, Bandung dan terakhir Bekas-Jakarta sudah berpindah tangan dikarena diangkut (baca: diangkat orang tanpa permisi) di rumah mertua di Jakarta pada tahun 2014 lalu. 301 more words

Nyambut Damel

Album of the Week 37-2016: Led Zeppelin - Presence

Led Zeppelin’s untitled fourth album is generally considered their best work, along their two-disc magnum opus ‘Physical Graffiti’ and possibly the rawness of their debut. Opinions on their seventh studio album ‘Presence’ are a little more divided, but I personally consider it the last of their perfect albums. 526 more words



My song of the day is “Hold Your Fire” by Firehouse! What a song! Coming out of their highly successful 1992 album of the same title, this is definitely one of the good rockers from the 90s. 160 more words

Rock Music

The Mark of Cain: When Brothers Form Bands

Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”

From fistfights on stage to international multi-platinum success to ugly break ups and what I can only imagine to be awkward Christmas dinners, is there anything more entertaining than brothers who form bands? 1,903 more words

Rock Music

Hardrock, Where are the Women? And other Lottery Thoughts.

I began this blog below a few days after coming home from Telluride in early July, but tabled it for two months not knowing how many women actually put into the lottery.  1,197 more words

Zodiac - Grain of Soul

De revival van seventies-style bluesrock heeft ons al veel genot bezorgd. Denk dan aan Zweedse bands als Graveyard en Blues Pills. Maar ook in Duitsland lusten ze wel pap van Led Zeppelin en Deep Purple. 333 more words


The 69 Eyes - Universal monsters

1. “Dolce vita”
2. “Jet fighter plane”
3. “Blackbird pie”
4. “Lady darkness”
5. “Stiv & johnny”
6. “Never”
7. “Miss pastis”
8. “Jerusalem”
9. “Shallow graves” 9 more words