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with love upon your tongue

i’d love wish you

well, dear pain,

sitting in my left

side. oh paul, thorn

in your side three

times you pled: take

this from me, my savior, 34 more words

The Undefeated Mind by Alex Lickerman, physical and emotional pain,,, our judgment is all important or lack of it, if we are mindful!

“Though the experience of physical pain and emotional pain are clearly different, functional imaging studies show that, with few exceptions, the regions of the brain that these types of pain activate are identical. 201 more words


What is for you... Is for you. 

Life’s hardships can thwart

Your direction from true course

But fate will right it.


For me, it's you.

Warning: this is long and my story. Therefore, I stumble over details and after a long drawn out narrative, eventually get to my point. Promise. 2,264 more words


Living in the desert

When I heard that I was supposed to preach about the desert, to be honest, I wanted to switch with someone. Can I not have something with action? 1,067 more words


Poem - In The Traffic Light


He was just a one-legged boy
But possessed a spirit worth two souls – stronger than even yours and mine
I know not what may have transpired in his short life… 119 more words