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Good Morning 7-12-15

We watched the movie “Still Mine” last night which tells the true story of Craig Morrison, a New Brunswick farmer, who at the age of 86 decides that he needs to provide a smaller home for his wife whose memory is starting to slip. 889 more words

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

He was six years old when his mom passed away leaving behind two sisters aged three and two. His father was a drunk who wasted his insufficient earnings on harlots and cheap alcohols in the village. 144 more words

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Heartache is Part of the Journey...

Lately, I’ve been experiencing hard things in my life, but have also seen some of my closest friends experiencing really hard things. I think it’s fitting, for my first official post for this blog, to talk about some of the things that not only I have been facing lately, but also that the people around me have been facing. 958 more words


Son of Zeus Part 9: Alcibiades & Megara

As soon as the heads had reformed all six heads began darting at Hercules who did his best to escape the jaws. He dove back into the deeper waters and found his club half sunk in the mud as it was. 2,980 more words


Healed My Soul With Rock & Roll

*HEAD EAST – Never Been Any Reason (1974)*

I just sort of “discovered” this song recently, and I’d like to tell you a story about that… 1,207 more words

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Two indications

If I never challenge then it isn’t me
if I never comfort then it isn’t me

© Meisaan Chan


II Corinthians 11:16-33 -- The marks of a true leader

As Paul compares himself with the false apostles that had crept into the Corinthian church, I think we see the marks of a true Christian leader, what he does, and doesn’t do. 301 more words

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