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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.

Holy Mother of Pearl. It’s been 4 months since I lasted posted.

Like any good (insert: infuriating) story, allow me to recap the entire last episode of my life for those that missed it so that we can get to the next thrilling episode in the longest most agonizing way possible. 1,424 more words

The Road To Redemption Is Not Easy

I have journey from a world of uncertainty and failure to ​fight for my dreams. A dream that I have envisioned my entire life, which is to be one of the greatest person that ever lived. 207 more words


Quote #4

“Content thyself to be obscurely good.

When vice prevails, and impious men bear sway,

The post of honor is a private station.”

– Joseph Addison (Cato, 1713)



Approximately 215 million Christians experience significant persecution because of their faith. For many, this includes the risk of torture or death.

Because of this I sometimes get asked, “Do you think overt persecution is coming to Canada?” 305 more words

The Up Devo

Life's hardballs and Just Pure Luck

The Bad:

This past month has been a very tough one for me to stay sane…So much impacting stuff has occurred seemingly all at once. … 1,944 more words


Lessons learned after 16 hours of silence

On Saturday evening, I received a text from a friend asking if I wanted to travel to Sharpsville, PA with him, his mom, and a girlfriend to watch a mutual friend of ours perform in the play, … 1,171 more words


Taking An Honest Look At Myself

I’m full of shit.

I talk big, dream big but act like I’m entitled to those flashy alternative realities.

The truth is my talk is not backed by my action. 133 more words