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Our dear Nabra, why do bad things happen to good people?


“Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”

In the face of tragedy, it is this question that burns in many a heart. 507 more words

Loved Ones with Deep Scars

Loving others is something we do all the time, whether it be family, friends, or romance, love is a daily part of our life. The world is also a messy world, with messy people that have messy problems. 180 more words

Health And Wellness

Let Love, Let Life, Let Color

Of days spent in seclusion
I welcomed the arrival of one hell of an evolution
Broke the locks and restrictions
Futile are all their prescriptions… 288 more words

What My Sister Taught Me

Recently my sister gave birth to her first child. I’ve always known that childbirth is a difficult and painful process, but never has it been very personal to me. 514 more words

Millennial Thoughts

We are starting to see the effects of aging. A few extra hairs are lost on our pillows and in the shower drain. We are seeing our fathers and mothers in the mirror. 418 more words


I’m sure many of you, like me, have been advised to let go of this world.. but what if you do the opposite? What if you let go of God rather than the world? 655 more words


An Open Letter to the Best Friend That Got Away

She had best, I had friends. Our bracelets worn daily.

We created all of these exceptional memories together, forever engrained on my heart. I shared my firsts with you. 170 more words

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