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Every Day Mindfulness

Throughout life, one must deal with every kind of hardship, every moment keeping one’s attention on the situation ably and intelligently.

You might ask, “Then how are we to practice mindfulness?” 165 more words


#MondayThoughts: When The Storms Are Raging

“It would be so easy for me to just find a place to hide, but I know this will pass and I will stand my ground, even if on my knees.” 341 more words

With the hardships that you’ve been through, you’ll grow.

Sometimes, it’s the deepest pain that makes you grow.

It’s the people whom you lost that makes you appreciate what you have. It’s the disappointments that made you wiser. 331 more words


Looking To Nature For Inspiration

I have been trying to write a blog post all day and my words are just not coming to me.

I want so badly for them to come back because I love writing in my blog. 297 more words


Feeling Grateful is a Choice

Many times its easier to be grateful when life is easy. Everything seems to be going your way and if you’re lucky its going better than you could have imagined. 663 more words


Growing Up With ADHD

We all know that growing up was hard. We all get into trouble and we were confused at times. But what kind of struggles do people with ADHD undergo to? 1,387 more words


AMP Homecoming: Great Things with Some Shortcomings

This past Tuesday, October 10th, I had the opportunity to work with the other Career Peers (students peers with Career Services at San Diego State University) at the AMP Homecoming event; this event allowed any mentors and mentees from the beginning of the program to come and help celebrate over 5,000 matches! 482 more words

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