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We are up and running!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Feel free to post about computers, games, hacking  etc.

If anyone need to PM me address to happyland.adventures@hotmail.co.nz — and remember that… 8 more words


Sandy Bridge-E Thoughts

Intel announced around december last year that they will be releasing a new range of processors along with a new motherboard socket type the socket 2011. 209 more words


Workflow interrupted

Well, my laptop is being diagnosed for hardware faults, and has been since last Thursday. I knew there was a problem with one of the memory modules and I replaced that, but I was still getting Blue Screens of Death – WinXP SP3 – so decided it needed some serious looking at. 104 more words


Wiping Data (or Secure Deletion) from Linux

WARNING: This blog post was posted at approximately 3 AM. As a result, it is not very well defined. Had I been thinking, I would have been more to the point. 776 more words


Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows

My standpoint on Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows: strengths of various operating systems, with Linux being the standard of comparison.

A quote from Facebook:

“I highly recommend MAC – they are fabulous, and things of beauty. 278 more words


Precious little things

This morning we rode our bikes to the best bagel shop in the world.  It is a hidden little shop that you would not find unless someone told you (psst, it’s… 349 more words


Secret Sauce

On the way to Italy, then on to Israel, I worked a bit on my presentation. I had offered several different topic ideas to the LUG organizer and he chose the most technical one. 435 more words