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Puce for Pooty's BBS (Newtown)

If you don’t know what colour puce/peuce is – it is the colour used on high energy warning labels like laser equipment and colliers etc. It is one of the hazard colours, also called fluro pink, the yellow one for health products as a colour is called: youch!


Loosing people to becoming shades on existences from ignoramus!

I was just telling sparc; I am sad today, cause I am loosing people I would rather keep as friends due to ignoramus and idiosyncratic nature as being Jody/Jodie Coleman’s Rape victim and not being able to physically pick up the phone and murder by JC on their own lip! 193 more words


Aquaponics in Korea

Korea is a very gracious and hospitable country, full of wonderful people. But sometimes, things can be a struggle.

If you live in South Korea, then setting up your own aquaponics system can be very daunting. 894 more words


Jezzabell Za & Operation Tarma!

There is an ancient fable that says – when serving between myself and half each of a chinese chow container of pheasant, salads and a sauce that only tarma has, and tobacco cones; the bong may not work and have to smoke scoobs; from it added stalin to hornby in hornsby — Gomech: The Same Tarma as the Olympia… 151 more words


RSS Feed Syndication ( XML )

RSS is a type of XML Document format that allows for news tickets to be served and derived from a website or service to do with information or data they off. 265 more words


I could take all the credit but the patients of thousands it missed with to much focus have just as much creds!

I could take all the credits for the windfall of natural living eigien in that lively placement in life we have as a Ciperhouse but there are 1000’s in the next categories that know they are as just impressible in wining every Emmies and Oscar all in one hit; each individually all at once every day on sunrise; get up and say your acceptance speech! 173 more words


Ethnobotanically Derived is the only Medicine @DEANews @NSWHealth @DrAShulgin

Believe it or not every couple of hundred years since miracle tonics in the yesteryear’s of history we remind the pharmaceutical companies that the only Medicine is always the principle in medicine which is Ethnobotanically Derived; that is something that reproduces itself in chemical chains or from chemical chains only found in the natural native foral and fawner of the population. 255 more words