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Minnesota or Wisconsin: Hardware store cinema

This hardware store has plumbing equipment, hammers, paint, glue, drama, comedies, westerns and romantic comedies.

Yes, someone turned an old neighborhood movie theater into a hardware store. 132 more words

Minnesota Or Wisconsin?

Organize your home with one trip to the hardware store

Most people know you can organize your home with products from the Dollar Tree, but did you know you can also find a number of great organizing ideas at your local hardware store? 253 more words


Hardware Stores Prepare For Waves Of Shoppers Ahead Of Snowstorm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Hardware stores are bracing for runs on several key items with the big snow. WBBM’s Jim Gudas reports.

Chip Somerville, a floor manager at Chicago’s Clark-Devon Hardware said some things sell out very quickly when big snows come, including… 158 more words


A Tale of Two Toilets

“Toilet tanks. Toilet tanks. Toilet tanks.”, I muttered under my breath as if repeating it would make them suddenly materialize in front of me. This was the third…the THIRD trip to a hardware store today and this time I was flying solo. 620 more words

The Shaving Shelf

I stood at the sink, shaving. But my eyes weren’t on the mirror, they were on the glass shelf that hangs on the wall next to the sink. 898 more words


The Unhappiest Place on Earth

If Disney World is the happiest place on earth, then, aside from funeral homes, Home depot would have to be its polar opposite. I’ve never been a big fan of hardware stores, when I was younger because the smell of wood and sawdust gave me headaches, and more recently in life because every time I go to one, I’m reminded of how inadequate I am. 781 more words


Minor Update on the Closing

So about that hardware store that’s closing. They’re still closing. But as I understand it they’re busy enough at the closing sale that they’re taking on employees who, I guess, know they’re even more temporary than usual. 128 more words