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Well It's One for the Money Two for the Show

by Nancy Bestor

Have you ever noticed that hardware stores have some of the friendliest employees? I can’t tell you the number of times I have walked in to my local hardware store, Ashland Hardware, during the 22 years I’ve lived here, and been reminded that it is lovely to be helped by nice, knowledgeable people. 614 more words

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I was on Canal Street one day ten days ago or so, before the big snowstorm, and came across a junk store:

There used to be dozens of these on Canal, before all of the handbag and perfume knock-off stores took over. 419 more words

What's Not Here Anymore

There’s a little block of doomed buildings in my neighborhood of Lansing. It’s not doomed for the good reasons, like we’re facing a small meteor strike, or there’s a rampaging horde of attack jerboas headed this way, or they found it was actually a giant kid’s play set and she’s outgrown it and giving it away to a less fortunate giant, maybe in Big Rapids or somewhere. 801 more words


The Proper Equipment



the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

Make sure you have ALL the appropriate equipment and supplies before you leave the store.

Hardware Galore!


Yesterday, my husband and I made a trek to Halstead, Kansas. We had breakfast at Al’s Place. A fairly new establishment on Main Street. 375 more words

Epiphany of pain will be your chain mail spell to experience

Johnathan Franklin (DJ Zeitgeist) a gabba DJ currently is in an induced coma, see the result of being screamed at in perfectly stupidity has closed the gateways too the afterlife except for the ferry master which is why Peter munych ask me via his partner too call home before he died cause you have too know someone like myself that exists in realms of death and life at the same time too get escorted too the ferry master. 104 more words

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Suprising Advice That Will Make Your Appliance Online Project Go Smoothly

This post can provide you some useful tips to prepare you for the next difficulty. Be routinely clean and sure out your a/c filter. It will certainly require your air condition to work more difficult and utilize more energy if the filter is blocked. 138 more words

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