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Skype - дурацкий глюк с голосовым меню на WebEx/MeetingPlace

Последние 2 недели не работает ввод для голосового меню в Skype. Т.е. дозваниваюсь на Webex (или на Meeting place), там оно говорит “введите номер митинга к которому вы ходите подключиться и нажмите решетку”. 11 more words

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How China's Iphone is ready to conquer Brazil

More than 15 months after Xiaomi…teased the Chinese company’s Latin American ambitions, the gadget maker this week confirmed its first move into that region with the launch of a Brazilian homepage. 124 more words


Way to treat your IT people

I worked for a small company in my first non-contract IT position as a LAN Analyst. We wound up being responsible for nearly everything that had a wire attached to it. 1,399 more words

Evie Beer: SBC is Alive

Well, well, well, the 68hc11 EVBU SBC is alive, and the CPUs’ built-in ROM monitor is talking to me.

This SBC has no RAM chips, no ROM chips – none, zip, zilch; just the CPU, an RS-232 level convertor and an RTC (date/time clock) chip. 370 more words