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Singapore, Singapore - P20 Mobile Accessories

Locations – I recently had to buy a new iPhone. I woke up one morning and my 32-month-old iPhone 6 was simply dead. I ended up replacing it with an iPhone8, which I really like so far. 191 more words


Let's Talk About Cameras

Photo by JD Gipson on Unsplash

There’s various types of cameras that people regularly use. From DSLRs to Instant cameras which all have their own uses. 404 more words

Pleasantly Suprised by Airport Extreme Update from Version 7.4.2 to 7.6.9

I have two Airport Extremes, the earliest version (1st generation, 2004 – 2008) which I can no longer upgrade / update,  however, I was pleasantly surprised when the other, a 2nd Generation 2008 – 2012 offered an upgrade to version7.6.9. 84 more words


808's 'New Kids On The Block'

808 Skate Shop gives up their newest offering to the skate gods, with the video ‘New Kids On The Block‘. Featuring – Sean Reilly, Brock Kono, Bong Gause, Cyprus Blanco, Mikey Albert and more.


Guide of EDM Spare Parts: Do You Know What An Isolator Plate Is?

Why Do You Need An Isolator Plate?

Using good insulation materials to protect the copper wire, and prevent the workpiece from cutting incorrect places, as well as provide a stable working environment. 225 more words


affirmative action hiring (sjw) and idiots

Humour is hard to make being funny is often unintentional and the verge some trash website i do not visit made humour by being idiots by failing to assemble a pc. 313 more words

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