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QRPworks K-Board.. a great addition for your outdoor QSO's !

If you are a digital op and you would like to travel light when doing outdoor operations, the K-Board combined with an Elecraft transceiver of your choice could be a great solution for you. 491 more words


Side topic ... chip labels

Something I had also used to facilitate working with the 8052 SBC project was creating and applying “chip labels” to the DIP packages.  This is not an original thought of mine as I first saw… 1,017 more words


Professor Einstein robot can be your science tutor and friend

We’re going to meet a lot of robots with artificial intelligence in the coming years. But will we get any as smart as Albert Einstein? A Hong Kong startup called Hanson Robotics wants to make that happen with the introduction of Professor Einstein, a walking and talking robot that looks like the famous scientist.



Meet the soft robot that helps weak hearts to keep beating

A soft robot which embraces failing hearts to keep blood pumping could one day be used to help keep people with heart failure alive.



Help Google develop tools for Raspberry Pi

Google is going to arrive in style in 2017. The tech titan has exciting plans for the maker community.



Why It Takes So Damn Long to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

It’s supposed to be seamless. So much mobile technology is premised on the idea that moving between networks – cellular to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi, cellular to cellular – is a more or less invisible process. 55 more words