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RS-232 In the Modern World

In this post I’d like to talk about one of the communications protocols I often reach for when doing an embedded microcontroller design: RS-232.

I’ve watched people sneer at RS-232 as being “too old”, “obsolete”, or “too slow”. 1,579 more words


Dell u3415w resolution of 3440x1440 and older machines [works]

The big question I had when buying the ultra wide-screen monitor with a 3440×1440 resolution is if my older machines would all support it.

– Dell Latitude 6430u… 233 more words


Open Sesame, from a Galaxy far, far away.

’s description of his project is epic enough to deserve a literal copy-paste (something our readers often praise us about). In his own words,  “Having discovered several spare Midichlorians in my liquor cabinet, I trained and applied them to opening a large cumbersome gate. 182 more words


Cache Write Policy - Writeback or Writethrough

When the processor core writes to memory, the cache controller had two alternatives for its write policy. The controller can write to both the cache and main memory, this is known as write through. 169 more words


DELL Inspiron One 2330 - реанимирование

(компьютер не мой, оказывал помощь)

Последние пол года с ним наблюдались стабильные проблемы:

  • иногда система залипала на длительное время
  • иногда система вообще отказывалась загружаться
  • очень заметные тормоза с копированием файлов
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HD44780 LCD Module driver for Windows 10 IoT

This is my first post about Windows 10 IoT and small computers (embedded) after some experiences in the past with the .Net MicroFramework (Netduino… 1,035 more words


DIY sensory board 

This may not be the prettiest DIY you’ve seen on my blog.. But it’s definitely one of my favourites! Hubby made it and our little boy enjoys it a lot more than I thought he would☺️ 104 more words