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Quick look at: A cheap DIY function generator kit


I recently bought some cheap electronic DIY kits from amazon, just because I wanted to improve my soldering skills. One of them was a cheap function generator based on the XR2206-IC. 684 more words


Battle of Endianess

Little Endian Vs Big Endian

How the term Endian came into existence?

It came from the debate of habit of eating eggs from the book “Gulliver’s Travels”. 221 more words


Yet Another Z180 - Version 2

Testing on the YAZ180 v1 , shown below, is now complete. I don’t want to use it for further development, because the PLCC socket for the 256kB Flash is becoming worn-out. 30 more words

Retro Pickup: SNES + Zelda (Non Working)

Something I’ve had langushing at the bottom of a box for a while is this old SNES.  It was given to be (free) byt a friend a while back with a copy of Zelda – A Link To The Past (win).   744 more words


Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

Surface Pro alternative keyboard

I was first in line to get a Surface Pro 3 when they first came out. It’s a great piece of hardware with good performance, a great screen, plenty battery capacity and will run all the applications I need day to day. 260 more words

Why the right hardware is liberating

It might actually be better to start off with the corollary: why the wrong gear is frustrating, or at best, obstructive. First principle: what’s good for you isn’t necessarily good for somebody else, and vice versa. 1,662 more words