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"Genres" piss me off:


Quite frankly, I am so totally over the whole “genre”-thing, I can’t even be bothered.

I tried to give a shit, I really did:  I… 197 more words


Atari hinting at something big on the Horizon!

E3 is just round the corner, and a relic of a grand ole’ age of gaming seems to be trying to make a splash just before the big event. 175 more words


No, a “checklist error” did not almost derail the first moon landing

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Update:I’ve modified a few specifics in this piece thanks to input from Apollo Lunar Surface Journal contributor Paul Fjeld. Thanks, Paul! 738 more words


Sanyo PHC Range

Pretty boxes and elegant keyboards – Tim Langdell finds out what is inside Sanyo’s shiny new micros.

By the end of last year the only personal computers on the market were the ZX-81, the Vic-20, and the Atom. 1,456 more words