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Best Buy is bringing exciting crowdfunded products to its retail stores

The problem with crowdfunding projects is that you can never know which ones to trust. They all look great on paper, but making new products with limited resources can be challenging for some startups — assuming they don’t plan to rip off excited buyers in the first place. 677 more words


HiFiPi - Part 2 - The Basic Build

So the X400 board arrived is a small cardboard box. The board was wrapped in an appropriate ant-static bag and the jumpers, nylon screws and standoffs were in their own little bag. 509 more words

Hacking And Playing

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat will shortly be launching its first foray into hardware, and attempting to reinvent the way we video 10 second moments of our lives. In doing so, the company has done what it does best – create a tool that could be used for less than pure purposes. 377 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry: Raspberry Pi Thermal Imaging

High up on the list of desirable technologies that are edging into the realm of the affordable for the experimenter is the thermal camera. Once the exclusive preserve of those with huge budgets, over the last few years we’ve seen the emergence of cameras that are more affordable, and most recently a selection of thermal camera modules that are definitely within the experimenter’s range. 236 more words


What is The Memory Cache?

The cache is a primary part of a computer. It is a high-speed memory that is used to accelerate the processes running and reduce access time to main memory. 128 more words


3D Printer Build

I’m finally somewhat settled in the new house, and have simultaneously had the time, space, and motivation to build my Prusa i3 clone!

This is the built printer, before managing cables (not the zip ties in the corner). 150 more words