I always return to my typical images of amazing simple environments that speak to the soul. Hardwood floors, white walls, natural materials & a calm color scheme – oh so beautiful & liberating.


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Reasons Why Oil and Wax Based Finishes Are the Best

Across the world, there are several misconceptions and myths spread related to wooden floors that are finished with waxes and oils. People say that oil and wax finishes are not good for long term usage as they may cause several problems for hard wood flooring, but this is a total myth. 309 more words

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Floor Installation Services Santa Rosa | Carpet | Hardwood Floors

Is it time to replace your carpet or your hardwood floors? AFC offers expert floor installation services Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.  Drop by our showroom located at 300 W. 20 more words


The Perfect Cleaning Pair for the Busy Mom


My mom is the busiest, most hard-working woman I know. She works really long hours and hardly has time to keep her house clean. When I got the chance to work with the… 456 more words


House Flipping Family

One source of our self-employed income is flipping houses. Trent does 95% of the remodeling and we typically hire out the carpet-laying and tile work. This particular flip was different because we actually moved into the project house. 417 more words

Choosing the right flooring option that best complements your home

The importance of installing the right and most ideal flooring option that best suits your home can never be over emphasized. This is because, each flooring option play a significant role in the home not just as a form of coverage for the floor. 296 more words

Refinishing 100-year old wood floors: the moment you realize you might be old

My husband and I bought our dream house this past June. It was a long, arduous road, a decade long, and I still feel like I am living in a dream. 739 more words