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From a Farm to Google's Office, from a Labour's Son to a Software Engineer

Tejaram Sankhla from Rajasthan’s Sojat town is no ordinary labourer. His son, 26-year-old Ram Chandra, is a Google executive at the internet giant’s Seattle office in the US. 604 more words

Big Thing

The hardest game week

Eventually, in the basketball season, you will have a weak where you play two really good teams in the same weak. For me, we play the only 3 teams above us in our conference in the same weak. 39 more words


Practice until you can't miss

What distinguishes the performance of people who are merely good at their job from those who are truly world-class?  This difference can often be attributed to the time and energy spent practicing the basics.    426 more words


Self care: Skin care

How many of your struggle with acne? Working out is a big part of keeping your skin clear and healthy! On top of these foods of do and don’t and a gallon of water a day, here are some tips to maintain a clear face! 118 more words

The Hustle

I’m running hard towards the mark
but who keeps shifting this mark?
I’m still running but I need inspiration
Cause I actually ran out of it… 122 more words


I took this earlier at a casting for a commercial. I didn’t want to go; I didn’t feel like myself. I was in a mood that I couldn’t describe, and I still am. 227 more words


Perseverance is the hardwork you do after you get tired of doing the hardwork you already did

Newt Gingrich