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If you don't respect the process, the outcome will not respect you!

You have to pay the dues! There are no real short cuts. Lasting and deep results are only achieved by respecting the process.

It is not about senselessly following a step by step guide. 17 more words


⭐Big Star⭐

So do you think you possess the mettle

To be big, to be great

You need to work hard in the days

For all are born… 80 more words


May 24th 5:03PM

Being Christian, I struggle with separating religious works and my integrity of faith, as in I sometimes feel abiding by dos and do nots are what qualify my faith. 36 more words

Blessed by a curse

There are a lot of things that come with being a writer, that creative mind that over thinks everything can get the best of you. It has me, I recently posted about a project I am working on. 337 more words

Recovery time: Give yourself a break

When I say “give yourself a break” I don’t mean go on a 2-week bender of booze and junk food, I am talking about giving yourself breaks in your weekly workout schedule. 275 more words


In a good place, figuratively and literally...

It’s been a good while since I have posted on here, life has been incredibly busy lately (house move, renovation and getting a new little puglet running around) and I feel like I haven’t spent any time getting my head around any revision or coursework. 45 more words


Feeling Bad For Working Hard And Not Getting Results ?

So it was around a week back when this incident took place. I happened to meet a guy who had just got the result of his entrance examination and he seemed to be quite depressed. 503 more words