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Hark, the Herald Angels Sing - Advent in Song

Music is a powerful tool in our worship, and Christmas carols add great meaning to our worship during Advent. On this day of worship, be musically reminded that Jesus, the “newborn King,” is “Prince of Peace,” “Son of Righteousness,” “Everlasting Lord,” “Incarnate Deity,” and, best of all, “Emmanuel” — “God with us.” Through this  hymn’s many rewritings and  regardless of whatever its many creators and editors would have thought about the hymn as it currently stands, the carol beautifully endures as a reminder of the great gift that God the Father  has given us in his Son Jesus Christ. 181 more words


Third One's A Charmer

Hello, dear Vixens!!!  We have arrived at song #3!!!

This legend from my home state of NY just announced his 50th world tour, and getting tickets to one of his shows will be this year’s Christmas gift to myself (he will be in CT next June). 218 more words


Happy 4th of July - turn on the Christmas music!

Happy Independence Day America!

What goes better with July 4th celebrations than Christmas music?


Well duh – probably everything else you can think of other than Christmas music. 200 more words

General Awesomeness

Sunday Music

I think this is my favourite Christmas carol, Hark, the Herald Angels Sing


...this day, not only for the devout...

…but also for those of other faiths or of none show respect or even participate…

…no cost for love, caring or compassion…



On this Christmas morning, I pray that your thoughts are overwhelmed with the love of Jesus Christ. I am sharing with you this morning the following hymn by Charles Wesley in which the Gospel and evangelical theology are put to lyrics and music. 260 more words


The 12 Days of Christmas Music in 2015, Day 12: "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"

Until doing the research for this post, I didn’t know how Charles Wesley, Felix Mendelssohn, and Johann Gutenberg were related. It sounds like a bad joke: So a preacher, a composer, and a printer walk into a bar… 1,394 more words