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My 5 Favorite Rainy Day Reads

when it comes to books i love nothing more than a riveting mystery or psychological thriller. The type of book that you start on a saturday afternoon and before you know it, it’s monday morning– i’m a notorious problem solver and i hate figuring out a book 10 chapters in. 454 more words


Harlan Coben Inadvertently Offends Poland

Best-selling author Harlan Coben has accidentally ended up in hot water with…. Poland:

The power, and danger, of words. An English e-book version of one of his novels had the phrase “Polish concentration camp,” which in English could easily be read as implying it was a concentration camp run by Poles or by the government of Poland. 281 more words


Five Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Romantic Voice

Admit it, you were expecting my Barry White impersonation. No such luck! Instead, after reading a whole pile of submissions, I’ve put together pointers for you as you write that proposal/manuscript/and even that Powerpoint presentation. 624 more words

The Woods

I’ll admit it;  I volunteered to run all errands and transport the kiddos everywhere so that I could finish Harlan Coben’s audiobook The Woods, read by… 229 more words


Drug Test

Today I didn’t have to go into work!!!! (a.k.a my internship) Which meant I got to sleep in until 10!!!! WOO. Got me 4 extra hours of sleep so hells yea. 231 more words