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The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Malcolm X. This is a name that resonates with equally high regard in both human rights debates, and on the streets of Harlem. How did this gangster accomplish so much in his life to get a whole boulevard in New York named after him: Malcolm X Blvd? 596 more words

Creative Writing


#Preto…The Movie: It’s an Amazing Time to be a Content Creator

It’s an amazing time to be a content creator and with so many places for the consumer to view films the independent filmmaker find it confusing lines as to how really best to distribute the product. 649 more words

Old Footage Of Jim Jones Recollecting Old Beefs

Jimmy will forever be one of my favorite characters in hip hop… his humor and passion are a rarity these days…I think this footage is probably from around 2008 or 2009, the song “Call Me” is playing in the beginning… I’m reminiscing on days in my big body Lexus riding around playing that song at high volume on a Bose system lol… Salute big homey… JONES!!!


Isaac Hayes

Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. was an American soul singer, songwriter, actor, producer and voice artist. Hayes was one of the creative forces behind the southern soul music label Stax Records. 232 more words



“SHAFT’s his name. SHAFT’s his game.”



1971 ‧ Crime film/Drama film ‧ 1h 40m

John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) is the ultimate in suave black detectives. 170 more words

The Streets Of New York

NYPD officer reassigned after video shows him pointing gun, assaulting bystander

HARLEM, Manhattan — An NYPD officer has been reassigned after he was caught on camera pulling out his pistol on innocent bystanders and then allegedly attacking the man who recorded it all. 152 more words


Caught on camera: NYPD officer points gun at bystanders

A New York City police officer while in plain clothes was caught on camera punching a man in the head, tackling him to the ground and then pointing his gun at bystanders while subduing another person. 159 more words