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depois de quase uma semana e meia de abstinência – praticamente um delirium tremens -, voltei ao manche nesse sábado! pretinha tava toda gatinha, lavada, tinindo, e com manoplas novas (às quais ainda estou me adaptando: a empunhadura é um pouco diferente porque elas são abauladas no meio, pra proporcionar uma melhor pegada, mas acho que meu polegar ficou um pouco mais distante do botão da seta direita – nas hds o comando de seta é separado). 257 more words


Harley's Puppy Mill Education & Outreach Fund

Donations to Harley’s Puppy Mill Education & Outreach Fund will be used for a variety of projects, but currently we are working on creating educational materials for schools. 69 more words

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The National Motorcycle Museum

If you are a fan of motorcycles at all the National Motorcycle Museum is a destination you must visit! Founded in 1989 and located in Anamosa, Iowa, it houses over 400 incredible motorcycles. 120 more words


View From The Back

Many times, I wish that I rode my own bike-years ago I drove a mini bike and had fun. But now it is a long long time later and I still long for that bike of my own, I am also happy to be a passenger. 44 more words


Whimsical Harley

This absolutely wonderful, whimsical Harley was created by Joanne Muscato. We found a sunny spot in our home for him!

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13 Days Until I head off to Alaska: Motorcycle Riding as a Spiritual Experience.

For me, motorcycle riding is a spiritual experience. I don’t plan it out, it just naturally happens. In less than two miles of hitting the countryside a feeling of gratitude comes over me. 322 more words

Our First Ride of 2016

You know it will be a great first ride of the year when you wake up to a sky like this.We have a great group of people that we have been riding with for awhile now. 393 more words