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How I really feel

Sometimes I feel completely alone, and knowing that most likely no one will read this solidifies how I feel.  I often wonder just how long it would take people to realize I was dead if I killed myself.   469 more words


Self harm


Doesn’t always mean cutting your wrists open,

hanging off the ceiling fan,

or throwing yourself off the roof.

It could also mean smoking your lungs out, 286 more words


Live Love

A tight fit…darkness flood the space… a small slit…let the lightness in, breathing at my own pace… then it hit…

The release… head in a spin… the air and light hurried in…. 86 more words

Prayer for January 13

Prayer for January 13: Please pray with me. God of faith, today we pray that you comfort all those who fear. We have many legitimate fears in our lives Lord – things and people that can harm us and even kill us.  53 more words


Anti-racist criminology? A recall

Rod Earle, The Open University

In November 2016 the Youth Justice Board announced that 47% of the custodial population of young men in England and Wales was composed of men and boys from black and minority ethnic groups. 1,105 more words

Review of Alex Wennerberg's "Harm"

The best thing about this book is it’s wildly disorienting in the best possible way. I mean that because Alex’s work always feels uncanny- in a sense familiar and yet completely unpredictable. 98 more words

Naming the prison for what it is: a place of institutionally-structured violence

David Scott, The Open University


Photo of prisoners on social media following HMP Birmingham Disturbances – Source: ibtimes.co.uk


Headline after headline in the British Press in recent months has placed a spotlight on… 2,076 more words