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Cenk and Ana Take On Controversial Pastor Manning - YouTube

This is one of those videos that totally had me beside my self.  The “pastor” is so ignorant, dumb, belittling, hateful, and full of contempt…that I was not sure if to laugh at him, to fume in anger, cry in upset, or to pity him.   43 more words


Anti-Gay Bigots Make Record Contribution To Ted Cruz Campaign - Towleroad

This is what is wrong with big money and super pacs in politics.  They say money is speech.  I have no money, how can I get someone like Cruz to listen to me on the other side of this, when I can’t offer him 15 million?     354 more words


Internet: Does it do more harm than good?

What do you think of the internet?

A network of networks? A carrier of information and services? Perhaps you think of it like “The Force” in Star Wars, The all prevailing vital energy of the universe? 598 more words


LiberalEffects.com, Chickenhawk Hall of Shame When an American male...

LiberalEffects.com, Chickenhawk Hall of Shame When an American male….

While I did not like the way this post said “ (or an especially belligerent female) “ because I don’t think this is acceptable or true, the rest is information we need.   82 more words


"Honest Realization"

“Not everything we meet,
Is for us to conquer.

Sometimes those obstacles,
Do us more harm then good.”©



There's a "Breaking Bad"-themed Coffee Shop in Istanbul And Why You Should Care

(Please Note: All pictures and details regarding the shop are taken from this article posted to Buzzfeed. I claim no credit for these photos or the information. 580 more words


Instagram | Nasty Accounts

Yet again the world of Instagram has created another gem and I can’t believe I am writing another one of these posts but this time ‘@2015stankbitches’ has been created. 640 more words