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The Sensationalist

I have to tell everyone the two previous posts were just me, trying to cause a sensation. They were categorized as blogging, writing, creative writing. ( An Internet Affair, Just What Is Allowed ) 364 more words



Mistakes will happen, its almost certain. You’ll err at one time or the other. For some it’ll be easy to come out from others, not quite so. 612 more words


We must reject the idea …

that the president is above the law, that he will be given a ‘pass’ for the crimes he commits while in office. He is accountable for his actions.

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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

First I will say that I use to self-harm. When I was 16 and I was cutting myself on my hand with my house key before taking the bus to school that morning. 78 more words

Which path?

“And the Angel of the LORD said to him,…
‘Behold, I have come out to stand against you, because your way is perverse before Me.’ ” Numbers 22:32b… 561 more words


Christine: 3 Decades Of Domestic Violence

Christine grew up in a stable family with loving parents. She was 19 when she met and fell in love with Daniel. They married and she quickly became pregnant, giving birth to a baby girl. 895 more words

Inspirational Stories

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What a sad reflect on justice for women, but the good is that Christine did eventually find a new life. However,even more sadly,this is not always the case and women have had to continue to suffer this violence and for some until their death by it.

Ethics and Cultural Competence

“Helplessness and isolation are the core experiences of psychological trauma. Empowerment and reconnection are the core experiences of recovery.” – Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery… 721 more words