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Nigeria arrests Boko Haram commander linked with suicide attacks

Abuja (AFP) – Nigeria’s secret police said Sunday it had arrested notable Boko Haram suspects, including a key commander, linked with several suicide attacks across the country. 367 more words


The final journey - part 2

Dressing for the road was a two-minute affair. Slip on a coarse, fairly worn petticoat over her panties and a loose-fitting, sleeveless, knee-length dress over that. 495 more words


Decriminalization of Prostitution: Freedom, Coercion, and Power Asymmetry

I have been troubled by the position that Amnesty International took for decriminalization of prostitution. Amnesty International, as far as I am aware, explains that it thinks that prostitution is a human rights and a result of free choice that should be not stigmatized. 940 more words


How often do I fail to look up to you Lord?

Psalm 123

I lift up my eyes to you, to you who sit enthroned in heaven             


How often do I fail to look up to you Lord, how many times will I forge ahead on my own course forgetting that you are the source of my revival, it’s a basic question of survival and I must stifle the urge to go it alone, smother the instinct to distance myself from you when I encounter difficulty and putting it simply open up my heart to you, talk about the things I do and why I try and hide when my life is wide open to you, you know and see all that I do and yet still I deny that I am in conflict, too proud to admit that I am struggling and it’s bugging me that I can’t shake it, Lord I know that you can take this from me and give me the victory, next time I am weak, help me to seek you, not to hide, help me to raise my eyes to you and purposely seek to do what you would have me do, intentionally get down on my knees and ask for release from a mind that seeks to cause me pain so that I may be free from insane urges to cause harm, may feel safe and secure in your loving arms.

Here’s why right-wing Christians think they’re the most persecuted group in America

A recent Pew study found that white American Evangelical Christians think they experience more discrimination than Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Atheists or J

Source: Here’s why right-wing Christians think they’re the most persecuted group in America… 232 more words


A picture says more than I ever could.

Now before I properly get into this I am going to have to content warn this post. There is a lot of talk of self harm, depression and mental health issues, and this post will not be suitable for people who will not be able to cope with that. 815 more words

The Character of Imperfections

I have often had a hard time determining who was genuinely for me, and those who just hung around.  You see, I suffer from what is known as… 361 more words