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Most people would be familiar with Hugh Fraser as an actor than a writer.  He was the dashing and urbane Captain Hastings to David Suchet’s Poirot. 143 more words

The Irony of the "Selfless Activist"

What is wrong is that people become entrapped in an alternate universe in which they believe that they are being helpful, where in reality they are causing more harm than good.

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Governor DAPL CAUGHT Lying About ATTACK On Standing Rock Water Protectors - YouTube

I am ashamed of how this has become a police state.  The actions here show how the police are angry people are disobeying them and taking that anger out on American civilians.   44 more words


The thing I keep saying ... it is true.

The  thing I keep saying is that even if you did not vote for trump, if you let fake news and talked about pretend crimes done by Hilary keep you from voting for her, you in effect voted for trump. 134 more words