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No surprises there, it comes from Latin… I really feel I am shortchanging the other beautiful classical languages, so I will keep it in mind and try to balance things out. 481 more words

I have wondered… How much is Senator Sanders a democrat?  Really.   The question haunts me.    In all the years in congress he never joined the Democrat party.   164 more words


Not A Life, No Real Options

The reality was lost to me the day I understood the deception.

The store was not a real store, but a set.

The man was not a real man since he was the front for the real man/men. 642 more words

Mind Fuck

peace is every step...

#PeaceIsEveryStep #ThichNhatHanh #calligraphy
the end does not justify the means. the means create and are their own end. if we plant seeds of harm and suffering, then we will have harm and suffering ~j… 11 more words


Mental Abuse And Rape

Screamed at the top of my lungs for help until I was spitting up blood yesterday.

No help ever came just the same damn bullshit again. 2,205 more words

Mind Fuck

For when they come to you about suicide...

So this isn’t a fun topic to talk about and everyone wants to avoid it.  But then you have just one kid come up and confide in you and you’ll wish you’d talked about it over and over.   326 more words