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3 Dangerous Ingredients Found in Beauty Products

*These ingredients found in your bathroom are also found in ENGINE degreasers, car cleaners, floor scrubs and much WORSE*

How could this possibly be good for your skin? 354 more words

Doing your own nails...why it's better...

I’ve had a long relationship with doing my own nails. Ever since I was a teenager, searching for the trendiest colours, whether it be gun metal black, or a candy inspired pastel-y blue; it’s been something that as a nail art enthusiast, I’ve known all about. 529 more words

Make Up

Things We Use That Harm Us

Once upon a time, there was a face soap for women called Dr. Campbellā€™s Safe Arsenic Soap. It was touted for giving a lovely complexion. Of course, when the women fell dead after using it for a time, death did tend to erase all previous facial problems. 113 more words

04. Abundant April