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Silicons in Hair Products, what do they really do?

As you all know I craft handmade cosmetics on a regular basis to give my face and hair a rest from the chemical stuff that is out there at pharmacies today: hair spray, lotions, shampoo, conditioner–they all have preservatives, cheap synthetic additives and little to no healthful ingredients.   800 more words


The Top 6 Toxic Ingredients hiding in your Beauty Products

At Organic Makeup Reviews, we refer a lot to our Essential Hippy Criteria and we kind of take it for granted that everyone knows what we mean. 569 more words


The Ugly Truth about Makeup: 5 Harmful Ingredients Commonly Found in Cosmetics

There are few experiences as exciting or euphoric as walking into Sephora, buying a new shade of lipstick, and then trying it out with your favorite foundation and blush. 649 more words

Healthy Beauty

Influenster Curel Itch Defense Vox Box

1. Completely free to sign up
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Three ingredients to look for and three to avoid in energy bars

Energy bars, protein bars, nutrition bars, health bars, granola bars, snack bars… They go by many different names, but all serve a similar purpose: To provide your body with fuel. 359 more words


Foods That Are Banned In Countries Outside Of The United States.

I find it concerning when I see ingredients or types of food that are banned in other countries but are still on the market here in the United States. 614 more words


Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s all really confusing actually because ingredients are really difficult to understand. Pull out some classic beauty products and count how many ingredients down the list it takes until you can no longer pronounce or understand what the heck it’s saying…. 166 more words