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How to Raise Your Energy Levels 100% Naturally

These days, many of us have to deal with a lot of everyday tasks to get through each day added to our full time occupations and looking after the kids too so its no surprise more and more of us are looking for products to boost our energy to give us that additional boost often needed to cope with each day. 351 more words

Top 3 Harmful Ingredients in Products

As I stated in my previous blog, Emu Oil : Hair and Skin Benefits?! there was an interview I was listening to on the radio.  The owner of HydraTherma Naturals discussed ingredients that we should stay away from. 56 more words

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Buying Cosmetics: How to decrypt ingredients

With hundreds of cosmetics companies on the market, it’s hard to find the best brands to suit your needs. Here at Femmes&Fleurs, where we advocate an organic lifestyle, and strive to create true organic and all natural products. 416 more words

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Ever wondered for a minute what makes your lotions white, blue or pink, or how it actually improves or nourishes your skin the way it claims to? 254 more words

Cosmetic Ingredients

What are Allergy Causing Ingredients?

These ingredients could cause allergies, so be careful of them.

  • Amyl Cinnamal

    • Function: A perfume ingredient whose main function is to add fragrance to a product.
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Did You Know..?

Makeup Products look beautiful at the outside, but did you know many cosmetic products contain harmful ingredients?

Before buying makeup product, look at ingredients first. Do not get attracted to the beautiful packages or advertisements. 61 more words

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My Skincare Products

My Skincare Products by luv2shopmom featuring face moisturizers

As mentioned in this previous post about my Summer Make-up Faves, I have chronic facial dermatitis and over the years I’ve learned how to control and manage it and more importantly, which products to use so as not to exacerbate the problem. 534 more words