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Oleksander Macko, aka DJ Maccoy.

“It’s yer boy, DJ Maccoy!” -official game quote.

Oleksander Macko (affectionately known as Maccoy and Coy) is an invincible legend in the world of Dance Central. 280 more words

Dance Central

A Glimpse of a Groove that Never Should Have Been Broken.

An explosive, traumatic relationship between Mo and breakdancer Maccoy is a precious storyline of mine. It’s been a favorite of mine to write ever since I began my adventures in the land of Dance Central. 330 more words

Dance Central


“Now don’t get all cocky on me. I see that swagger.” -official game quote.

The second I learned about the Dance Central series, B-Boy Mo became my favorite character. 363 more words

Dance Central

The Start of the Groove.

How did I get into this mess, otherwise known as the Dance Central series? I don’t have an XBOX, so it’s not like I walked into Target and bought Dance Central 1 on a whim. 235 more words

Dance Central

Welcome to the Hideout.

Once upon a time, there was a thriving video game series called Dance Central. It came in the wake of legendary blockbuster series Dance Dance Revolution, and the much quieter Bust a Groove series for the PlayStation One, but when it hit the ground it hit the ground running. 147 more words

Dance Central

Lego Rock Band - Review

The LEGO franchise is one of the most popular and well known in the world. In the past few years that popularity has extended into the digital realm with titles such as Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones. 1,384 more words


Beatles Rock Band - Review

Immediately upon starting Beatles Rock Band you can tell that it was a labor of love from Harmonix. There have been other music titles in the past that have been dedicated to a single band, however, none of them were done this well or had a bigger name than the Beatles. 736 more words