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Foxx OUT, Elba Now Cast to set off Harmony Korine's 'Trap'

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

With Jamie Foxx now on the outs, Idris Elba has stepped up to the plate and landed the lead role in Hamrony Korine’s upcoming film… 249 more words


Will Robert Pattinson Roped in for ‘The Trap’?

Robert Pattinson is very much choosy when it comes to selection of films and now the starlet is all set to join hands with Harmony Korine for his forthcoming big venture. 89 more words


Umshini Wam

directed by Harmony Korine

Umshini Wam is a short feature by director Harmony Korine starring the members of South African rap-rave duo Die Antwoord, who are Ninja and Yo-landi Visser. 336 more words


Sprang Break Foreva: How to Sprang Break

Sprang Break is here for many college students, along with people who are trying to still believe that they are young. It’s the time of letting your hair down as well doing things that your mother wouldn’t approve of unless she is Dina Lohan. 1,150 more words


Dishes Two (A short experimental film I made)

From 2010-2011 I shot this short experimental film in Los Angeles. This is the 1st fifteen minutes of it. The rest will be up next tues.


Gummo (1997) review

Gummo is a film that makes one question what it means to criticize art. Harmony Korine is a skilled technician who creates vile works, exploring the deepest depths of humanity, a place so dark and depressing it probably exists in his mind and nowhere else. 387 more words


Spring Breakers

This was a complete response to and subversion of the spring break and american dream mythos. You can’t possibly come of age betwixt the drug, cum, sex, money, and alcohol fueled pestilence without rendering yourself a product of the excessive consumption: not unless you want to resemble Alien, who is a physical manifestation of vacuous culture, as well as an embodiment of the desecration of the american dream. 101 more words

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