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Hellgirls: Women, Sin and Feminism as detailed in Spring Breakers

Women, for being considered the lesser sex for the majority of human history, are an almost omnipresent point of debate and contention within literature. ¬†Their actions, their motivations, their purity or lack thereof — everything is carefully analyzed, questioned and, ultimately, criticized by an onslaught of creatives; typically of the white, male persuasion. ¬† 1,707 more words


Gucci Mane - "Last Time" ft. Travis Scott

Winter is fast approaching and it’s evident in Gucci Mane’s latest video.

In the snowy clip, Gucci embraces the elements as he rhymes about his drug-filled past. 32 more words


"Ken Park," September 2003

I recently realized that almost all of the music reviews I wrote for the Japan Times in the 90s and the movie reviews I wrote for the Asahi Shimbun during the same decade are not available on the Internet, so I will remedy that by slowly, methodically posting them here on my blog. 797 more words


Episode #14 of The Swampflix Podcast: Trash Humpers (2010) & The Films of Richard Kelly

Welcome to Episode #14 of The Swampflix Podcast! For our fourteenth episode (our second in Skype exile), Brandon discusses all four feature films by Richard Kelly, director of September’s Movie of the Month… 54 more words

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Gucci Mane And Harmony Korine Have A New Movie In The Works

Director Harmony Korine has a thing for oddball rappers. After all, this is the guy who built an entire movie around James Franco’s Riff Raff impersonation. 204 more words