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Happiness Is Whatever You Want It To Be

When I think about happiness I like to think about it like something attainable. I heard that money, houses and cars can make someone happy, but I’m not ready to be unhappy for the rest of my life because I don’t have a $30 million mansion or because I am not famous. 385 more words

Meditation Put Into Steps

Steps to a Successful Meditation

         Meditation is more of an art than science and that it differs based on the person who is doing the meditation. 987 more words

Emotional Intelligence


Do you ever get those emails promising you tons of free stuff only to find it requires you to answer a ton of questions? I find it hilarious and usually do not finish and therefore I never claim my free stuff. 370 more words

Daily IN-spiration


As the second day of the cleanse comes to an end I can’t stress enough how happy I am. Happy that I am in my bed. 993 more words


What's growing on... Companion planting

Can companion planting benefit your garden?

Companion planting allows us to create a more balanced eco-system in our garden by planting a variety of different crops together. 219 more words