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Life is Sweet: DIABETES Considered

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which can be caused by different causes and affect Carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.

We all know about it, we all have a friend/relative suffering from it or we have it!  648 more words


Gated Ego Prism

I hadn’t been to my old gym in a while so as I headed over to one of the machines to warm up my old trainer walked away from his client to give me a huge bear hug as I smiled and sheepishly said to him, “I fell off the wagon. 159 more words


September 26


a good day to put on a different pair of shoes.

“Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowances for each other’s faults because of your love.” … 437 more words

"TODAY IS....A Gift From God"

Harmony is gold

Shall we build a bridge?
Create peace? Find our new lease?
Harmony is gold.


Sing Softly - #Inspirational #Poetry

Sing Softly Oh my Sighing Soul,
Though Tempests Howl and Round you Blow,
Tossed upon the Thrashing Sea,
Sing Softly in the Vast Beauty, 70 more words


25 Sep - Monday Monkey

And now that another week begins, it is the real test of continuing all those goals desired at the beginning of the 21-day program. I will continue posting here as I continue practising my Yoga routine. 162 more words

TWO  OF DISCS- harmony through change

This week’s mojo offers up the Two of Discs. The suit of discs is of the earth, it concerns itself with the material elements that represent stability, security and success in our lives.  653 more words