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The Definition of Hospitality

“Yes.” That was Kevin Mitchell’s answer when he was approached by food historian Dr. David Shields to take on the part of 19th century African-American chef Nat Fuller and reenact an 1865 iconic biracial banquet that took place in Charleston, South Carolina. 1,656 more words

American Culinary Federation

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Sean Brock (left) and Kevin Mitchell (right) Food history is hands down my favorite subject. It's amazing how a meal can shape a culture, and that's what we're faced with when the people of Charleston sit down for the recreated Fuller Dinner. The delicious and historical dishes against the rich and conflicted backdrop absolutely make this event worth writing about, definitely beyond the dime-a-dozen new restaurant openings in NYC. I wish I could find something as cool as things happening near me, but I think I might have to drive down to Philadelphia to get anywhere close.

Background Check: perceptions built by experience

The thing about college that has blown my mind is not the overwhelming coursework or being hours away from my childhood home; it’s the incredible number of opinions and viewpoints I’ve encountered in my first month. 477 more words


In order to understand harmony, one must appreciate resonance!

Kid Gothic

Intention for Today: To BE Generous

Anchored in Spirit
I open my heart and soul
Giving freely
My supply is unbounded
As I am a trust-fund baby of the Universe
The Universe knows no lack… 27 more words

Cloud nine

I see the Sun through a prism of blue,

Gorgeous sapphires are luring me

Onto the cloud nine.

I have not yet learned to fly, 71 more words


Friday Admonitions From Little & Big <3

Happy Friday everyone. This is something profoundly innocent, accurate & heartfelt to start off your weekend. What a precious little girl…

I also received this admonition in my email this morning & knew it would encourage some of you today – it spoke to me for sure. 272 more words



Ever simply sat and stared at a chair that your father often sits on, and absorbed its emptiness. He might just be away. But the incomplete feeling of seeing his cap, handkerchief and specs by the chair, the sofa cloth slightly ruffled like someone’s just gotten up from there creates a sense of fear in my heart. 833 more words