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There is a huge difference
If we hear about something
Or if we experience it

DidiArtist, 14.03.2014


Seek nature

Lose yourself in nature and find peace.

Steven Lawrence Glasgal



Kindness...the choice...

You know when I first snapped this photo I immediately wanted to share it but was too scared to – fearing the possibility of backlash or people thinking differently of me but it really got me thinking about all the times in their earlier school years when my kiddos exited the school bus walking into our home perplexed and sometimes with tears in their eyes looking into mine asking “Mom, why do people call us Mexicans and tell us to go back to where we belong?” and how in those moments I was taken back to the many times throughout my childhood, throughout life really, I had been called out by the brown of my skin and characteristics of my hair…Black, Indian, Mexican, Spaniard even the ‘N’ word on occasion despite being classified White…Caucasian…perks of being blessed with an olive skin tone, I suppose. 163 more words


God created us in His image yet each different in his and her own way.   But we’re forever at war with one another over the discord we see and hear. 41 more words


Labyrinth of mind

Labyrinth of mind

We get lost in ourselves
Stuck in questions
Answers in speculations
Fight for point of views

We speak much
With empty words… 48 more words


Tribal Hieroglyphics

Enjoy this grunge style three dimensional design reminiscent of tribal hieroglyphics. Guests are welcome to visit my galleries at Redbubble and Society 6 to discover a wide assortment of available items featuring this work. 7 more words