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half shadow half light ~ the beauty of a shared world ~ a dichotomy — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa



Art is all from feeling, feeling matters most.

Do you say holy spirit or do you say holy ghost?

What is the spirit of all things and everything and all? 86 more words


Embracing inner light despite darkness in the world

Night covers human hearts
Fearful clouds pass by
Polluted thoughts
Fill the atmosphere

Negative power
Ready to push the button
Appetite to eat millions
Use leaders as their pons… 56 more words



A girl walks out across the world one step at a time.

Through the sunlight and the shade, everything looks fine.

To her destination, is that work or play? 57 more words


Pure Planetary Love

Amidst the chaos of the world, there is still beauty, and those who nurture it and long to share it. Seek those, heal, and join in the pouring forth of that which will be sustaining to life. 79 more words


Any Progress Yet?

Movement is possible without a goal, but progress is not. This is an important distinction to make in understanding the difference between chord sequences and chord progressions. 777 more words


diaphanous spectrum—
shifting rainbows
on fluttering wings
in dawn’s first light
peace and beauty
hovers on the thin air

does creation
not echo its magnificence… 20 more words