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The Phenomenon of Harmony Amongst Unified Differences

Ultimately, All spiritual paths are one and can lead to the One. Respect must be given to All Faiths. To deny one’s path is to deny the Spirit within its path to its own Self-realization, and in turn, to deny your Self. 219 more words


Shifting Visions

Mountains grow with rain,

Mist shrouding the peaks from view.

World harmonizes.


Find me a melody...and some harmony

Searched for days to find a melody to fit with a riddim but no satisfaction. However, I didn’t panic, I just plod along faithfully and wrote lyrics and sang and recorded and listened. 93 more words

Nucleus Roots


For a lot of people confidence (or the lack of it) is a huge issue.

I’m one of those people.

I’ve always been quite a shy person but when I started secondary school my self-confidence dropped. 230 more words

Just a thought...: Chaos and Harmony

(circa August 7, 2010)
Life is about the oscillating choice between these two primal forces.

One is free to choose – Chaos or Harmony?

Choosing both is probably the neutral point of non-dualists, who sit amidst the constant bubbling and erupting energy of these creative primal forces; who are in constant relationship. 195 more words

Art of Etienne Pirot

It does not matter if you already know about Etienne Pirot and his art or not.

When you look at his sculptures you feel how light and expressive they are. 35 more words