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August 24th Energy Forecast - Beauty and Harmony all around

Good Morning I hope that you are well. We have all been through a very intense august and it has brought with it great change and higher frequency energy so take it easy on yourself. 548 more words

"Finally, All of You, Live in Harmony..."

When you combine three or more specific but unique root notes on the musical scale they create a very pleasant sounding single harmonic chord. These chords are then arranged or scored and the result is a beautiful piece of music-Harmony.  815 more words

Sympathetic Resonance

Racism is on the brain today. It’s been there for a while, and maybe it hasn’t been there long enough. I recognize that because I am a white, heterosexual individual, I often don’t see the effects of racism or bigotry until it hits a national scale. 589 more words

Inciting Incidents


Life is stressing in today’s world amid work and aspirations for a higher living standards.

These leads to less quality time with spouse and as an aftermath the calculation for a good married life goes wrong. 392 more words

Healthy Relationship

Genetic screening

I’ve been asked many questions about genetic screening and prenatal testing so thought I’d write about it and share our experience.

We were offered genetic screening before we commenced fertility treatment. 731 more words

More Than A Song

The music blasts through the headphones

Like a symphony lifting me skyward

The harmony seems to ooze out into my brain

Changing my pulse into a bass line… 15 more words