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Unity and Lasting Peace

Because I felt like sharing something I wrote for an assignment for CCFSA on unity as a prerequisite for peace. It’s kind of relevant to relationships. 302 more words


Optimize Your Self : 7 SELF KEY

“Bukan KECERDASAN Anda melainkan SIKAP Andalah yang akan mengangkat Anda dalam kehidupan” -Anonymous-

Setiap orang terlahir dengan kemampuan yang luar biasa. Diantara satu individu dengan lainnya memiliki berbagai macam perbedaan. 739 more words


Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge (Day Four): We Remain

(photo credit:  Zarina Exconde)

On my fourth day/post, i’d kindly ask Riley of http://deelaytful.com/ join the challenge.  Riley articulately expresses his thoughts and feelings in his every single post, you may want to see it for yourselves.  99 more words

Life, Death and Synergy

Life is simple; consider your body to be a ship that transports you through life, your brain the captain of the ship and you the owner of the ship. 353 more words


Life, Death and Synergy

When the owner, the captain and the ship work together as a unit, we are internally synegised, or united as the bible puts it. A man united will always win, a man disunited will always lose! 207 more words


Find a reason to smile every day.

I cannot stop this wild side of me. Instinctual curiosity and desire to get in the depth of anything I experience in life. I want to know thoroughly every person and situation I meet, extracting the insights. 517 more words



I taste bile in your kiss,

I feel the spikes in your embrace.

I see shadows in your smile

And I fear that your love is a lie. 109 more words