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Feeling fine about the end of the world

The end is near! Remember the predictions of the end of the world that we’ve had in recent years?

There was the mayhem of January 31st, 1999.  730 more words

Before this was written ...

… I’d decided to find something of the AMBIENT flavor on iTunes–to put me in the mind to write today.

A friend had just posted on Facebook, something about being spammed by “Glamour Girl” friend requests. 328 more words

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The Morning After

Looks like we missed Armageddon. Again. The world did not end in conflagration, though thousands of people insisted it would. Doomsday 2015 was scheduled for yesterday, October 7, but we seem to still be alive. 2,041 more words


With Cubs Playoff Berth Comes End of the World [Listen]

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks the Chicago Cubs, who own the third-best record in Major League Baseball, the world will now come to an end. 183 more words


Camp Nowhere

I love my little town. So much so, that I’ve often thought: should I move, I can always come back–camp at the lake. 

Thankfully, I’ve not had to move, and therefore, have not been denied a spot at the local lake due to a campground that’s been on sabbatical for the past several seasons. 218 more words

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