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The Cameraman (1928)

Man With A Movie Camera

***This Review Contains Spoilers***

The Cameraman is my 2nd favourite Buster Keaton feature after Sherlock Jr. A film which manages to hit every beat and even MGM themselves believed in the film enough that it became their comedy training film for new writers as the example of a perfect comedy; I can’t argue with that. 748 more words

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Buster Keaton and the Hard Work of Failure

Have you ever worked really hard at something, only to see it fail?

We (as in, yours truly) have racked up loads of spectacular failures. Some were easy, while others required herculean effort. 673 more words


TDs on the wish list, Friday before the Giants

Who wouldn’t want a touchdown for Christmas?

The Cardinals certainly do. They’d like for the move to Drew Stanton to mean a TD on their first possession. 606 more words


In London, Friday before the Rams

The week in London is nearing its end. The Cardinals are hoping it means something. The Rams didn’t pull in until early Friday morning from Florida, while the Cards got here Tuesday morning. 650 more words


A pair of Petersons, Friday before the Bucs

Adrian Peterson was the story of the week after he was traded to the Cardinals Tuesday. For a few days, all you can really have is speculation. 839 more words


A banged-up OL, and Friday before the Niners

Well, this is where the Cardinals are. In a week in which Friday finally felt like the day where the offensive line wouldn’t be the major topic, it became the major topic. 670 more words


Week of August 4th, 1917

Doris Pawn, 1917

Doris Pawn, 1917

One hundred years ago this week, Grace Kingsley reported on a frightening film set accident:

The sprightly and athletic Doris Pawn, who plays opposite Willard Louis in the latter’s first comedy for William Fox, under the direction of Charles Parrott, had a miraculous escape from suffering severe injuries or death while on location.

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