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Is This It, Sir? History?

Just as William Snelgrave (Gordon Joseph Weiss) and his wife, Darcy (Concetta Tomei), are nearing the end of their quarantine, two interlopers break into their home and the clock resets.   485 more words


No Man's Land

When I saw Patrick Stewart in Anthony & Cleopatra some time ago he had a throat infection but went on like a real pro. He was clearly suffering at Thursday’s performance of this play too, but he continued gallantly. 294 more words


Book Review - Death etc. by Harold Pinter

Some time ago I had a discussion regarding Harold Pinter with my writing partner. We got talking about his 2005 Nobel Lecture. I explained how the playwright devoted half the speech to his vitriolic hatred of the leaders of the United States and Great Britain; the then on-going war in Iraq germinating much of this animosity. 700 more words

Book Reviews

Drama Review – Betrayal by Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter deserves respect as the greatest English language playwright since William Shakespeare. Whereas The Bard crafted beautifully worded verbose passages, Mr. Pinter chose the opposite approach. 609 more words

Book Reviews


“I am happy  all the time   

“Recently, at my father’s funeral, this bothered
many people….”

“People, family, friends before the funeral had not mentioned to Mother… 479 more words


October 10: Happy Birthday David Lee Roth and Thelonious Monk

Singer David Lee Roth turns 62 today.  In the early 1970s, while attending Pasadena City College, Roth met a pair of brothers named Eddie and Alex Van Halen.  1,318 more words

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Quote of the day

The past is what you remember, imagine you remember, convince yourself you remember, or pretend you remember.  – Harold Pinter who celebrates his 86th birthday today. 74 more words