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What makes one murder worse than another murder? A criminologist has an equation to work it out

Who’s the worst killer alive in Britain today? What makes one killing more harrowing than any other one? If the end result is death, does it matter how it came to be? 1,098 more words


9 Sickest Serial Killers Who Ever Lived

Have you ever watched a few episodes of CSI or Criminal Minds back to back and then slept with a baseball bat beside your bed and woke up at every movement in the night? 1,096 more words


Review: Dial Medicine for Murder – Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe

First published in The Times, Tuesday August 25 2015

Two Stars

There is no denying the enduring appetite for true crime narratives. At its best, the genre rises above mere pulp, offering the same detailed portrayal of restoring order out of chaos as its fictional counterpart, but with the added inbuilt frisson that the events described actually happened. 253 more words

Theatre Reviews

Power corrupts. So do government targets.

I get Medscape news sent to my inbox; a lot of it is news of trials and so forth, but some of it is news- 909 more words


Stranger than fiction

IT’S VERY easy to sit in judgement of someone. To criticise their life and smugly think: “I would never be so silly as to be fooled like that.” One of the things I have learned as a journalist, though, is to never judge, never jump to conclusions, but instead simply open myself up and really listen to what an interviewee is telling me. 333 more words

2004: Harold Shipman Found Dead

During my life there have been few deaths that have raised a smile but Harold Shipman’s suicide on 13th January 2004 was one such occurrence. 248 more words

Real Life Crime

Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre

Following on from my previous post ‘Alumni Exhibition’ here are some more photographs from the Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre.
The Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre was built as a gift from the local family who ran Todmorden mills, opened in 1939 by the Princess Royal. 64 more words

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