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Pictures We Love: Enchanting Encounters With a Harp Seal

At National Geographic, photography is what holds our stories together and what makes them shine. It’s what we do the best and love the most. Our photo editors work with thousands of images every year (if not every day) and so we asked each of them—editors from… 383 more words


The Harp Seal

This post is about the Harp Seal wich lives in the Arctic. There aren´t many of them because people often hunt them for their fur.Here is some information: 96 more words

Planet Arctic

Coco's Flight

Photo: Copyright: Madison Woods

To move a harp seal named Coco to the San Francisco Zoo by plane took two months to plan. The first hour of the flight Robert sprayed her with ice cold seawater, fed her fish, and monitored her vitals. 61 more words


VIDEO: Harp seal released back into wild

CHARLESTOWN, R.I. (WTNH) — A 1-year-old harp seal was released back into the wild Thursday after he was treated and nursed back to health at Mystic Aquarium. 44 more words


Canada can't force the EU to buy its murdered baby seals

Every year in spring, seals birth baby seals on the sea ice that lines Newfoundland’s coast. And for the last few hundred of those years, hunters have descended shortly thereafter, bludgeoning and shooting many thousands of  490 more words

Can we also stop slamming the heads of seals Please with wood planks....Thanks...Is that too big of a deal to ask humans with brains?

Honestly…I thought that was done…(there i go again…being in my own bubble where i think people act like normal). I had no clue people still killed seals this way and for this asinine reason. 535 more words

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