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Dog Days

In my business summer is quiet, very quiet, too quiet. Exciting as it is that there may be an election called tomorrow it does nothing for that sense of sleepy summer days. 687 more words


Tom Mulcair should lose support over debate debacle

I was stunned to learn that Tom Mulcair had decided to back out of any debates where PMSH would not be present. Talk about allowing the Prime Minister to get his own way, exactly as he planned. 273 more words


Election Fever! Liberal Collapse Edition

In my little resort town the yahoos are drinking hard and yelling now that it is too dark to run the jet skis – but with a full moon rising that may not last. 642 more words


The Worst: Canada's Economy Under the Harper Regime

From Rabble

Speculation is intense that the unofficial election campaign we have already been experiencing for several months is about to become official: Ottawa is awash in rumours the writ may be dropped as early as this weekend, setting the stage for months of promises, accusations and photo-ops. 684 more words

The longest election ever

There are many important differences between Canadians and Americans. One of my favourites used to be that Canadian elections are short and sweet. For most of my life they’ve been between five and six weeks. 477 more words


The Big TPP Push in Hawai'i

Right now, in Hawai’i, a huge push is on to ratify the Worst Trade Deal Ever.

The CBC and Canada Post and so many other sacred ways we used to do things will be victims. 124 more words


Book Review: The Blue by Lucy Clarke

The Blue by Lucy Clarke
Release Date: 30th July 2015
Publisher: Harper
Buy: Paperback  Kindle

They had found paradise.
What would they do to keep it?
1,058 more words

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