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Liberals back CSIS in Torture Lawsuit

The Liberal government has taken up the former Conservative government’s legal fight against an apology and compensation for three Canadians tortured in the Middle East, despite voting in favour of the former detainees’ cause while they sat in opposition. 1,380 more words

Trudeau On Pipelines: Maybe

Last week Justin Trudeau walked into the lion’s den—a boardroom filled with the country’s top oilpatch executives—and got it half right.

Luckily he had the good sense to take Premier Notley with him. 825 more words

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La mayor historia de amor de Hollywood

Lauren Bacall y Humphrey Bogart no sólo fueron la mejor pareja del cine negro, sino que también protagonizaron la que quizá ha sido la mayor historia de amor del cine. 456 more words

Free Men (★★★★★)

Katy Simpson Smith  *  Harper  *  February 16, 2016  *  368 Pages

I know it’s only February, but Free Men is one of the best books I’ve read this year. 309 more words


2016 NL East Titans Preview: Part 2, Outfield

This is part two of our three part series previewing the race for the 2016 NL East crown between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals. 2,243 more words


The crisis in Canada's oil patch demonstrates the right-wing populist's lack of self-awareness and persecution complex

The drive-by smearing of Justin Trudeau — three months into his new government — is reaching comic proportions. iPolitics columnist Tasha Kheiriddin coined a clever phrase to describe Trudeau’s political style: the “Oprah-fication of Ottawa.” 982 more words

Ginny Gall by Charlie Smith | Review

A sweeping, eerily resonant epic of race and violence in the Jim Crow South: a lyrical and emotionally devastating masterpiece from Charlie Smith, whom the New York Public Library has… 779 more words