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Leftists Sink to New Low in Slandering Prime Minister Harper

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Written by Harry Khachatrian (@Harry1T6)

The left’s general lack of moral decency has been perfectly captured in a painting circulating the internet this week. 279 more words


Halloween 2015

I realize I’m pretty late to the game on this post, but for good reason! Actually bad reasons – we’ve been plagued with a lot of sickness the last 5 or so weeks, mixed with lots of working overtime, lots of exhaustion, teething, work travel, back injury, you name it. 185 more words


The Early Bird Gets the Patronage

Remember way back in September when I wrote about Harper’s extensive use of patronage appointments? Well, he’s not at it again. Because he lost. Big time. 137 more words

Election 42

Bryce Harper Can't Pronounce The Word Meme

I’m probably going to take an unusual stance on this one and say that I truly believe that Bryce Harper doesn’t know what memes are. Like if you stuck a computer in front of him, he’d probably just beat on it and make monkey noises like Zoolander and Hansel. 107 more words

Harper, Donaldson, MVPs

Josh Harper of the Washington Nationals was the unanimous winner of the NL MVP, and Josh Donaldson of Toronto was announced the AL MVP last night. 24 more words