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Frenzy Presents Event Recap | An Afternoon of Talking About Books

Greetings readers!

On Sunday, I had the most wonderful opportunity to go to an event hosted by HarperCollins Canada’s teen group, HCC Frenzy to talk about their Spring 2018 reads! 1,299 more words

Young Adult

Starting Up: Sophia Of Silicon Valley Review (ARC)

I was lucky enough to receive an advance reading copy of Sophia of Silicon Valley by Anna Yen courtesy of HarperCollins Canada in exchange for an honest review. 667 more words


Fall Books Preview 2017

Fall marks the return of school, and the return of people coming back to work from their summer vacation. But book lovers may also know it as the prime “book season”, when many great releases are out, serval literary festivals are happening and the major book awards are given.

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Learning that a "Place" shapes our Identity as well |Review of "The Lightkeeper's Daughters (2017) Harper Avenue

Jean E. Pendziwol will be appearing at the 2017 Toronto Word on the Street Festival

‘Place’ plays an important element in our identities. Where we are from and how we were raised in those surroundings play important parts to our personalities. 1,057 more words

Major Events Tend to Disturb Quiet Lives |Review of "Tell" by Frances Itani (2014) HarperCollins Canada

Frances Itani will be participating at the 2017 Toronto Word on the Street festival

Major events tend to disturb quiet lives. And while World War I may have occurred 100 years ago, it’s effects on the occupants of  small towns in North America were truly trying and emotional. 1,114 more words

Canadian Literature

"Place plays an important role in most of my work and I like to bring my readers here, to my home, through my words."| Q&A with writer Jean E. Pendziwol.

Writers who are versatile to write for different audiences usually impress me. But writers who can craft books for different audiences about the settings around themselves impress me even more. 1,137 more words

Reflecting on the Ties We Bind | Review of "Little Sister" by Barbara Gowdy (2017) Patrick Crean Editions

There always seems to be a magical and unexplainable bond between people at times. Be it friends, family members or even total strangers, we seem attracted to certain people so much that we are able to sense their thoughts and emotions without even saying a word out loud. 892 more words

Canadian Literature