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Nemesis: Game 2

The adventurers begin searching their vessel for any advantage in their current plight. They sought weapons, armor, food, supplies. They find themselves adrift in the Ocean of Storms, with only the guiding hand of the touchstone moving them toward or away from shaped land. 519 more words

Sea Of Chaos

Bird Women

My wings are made of feathers

They fly my human feet

Through clouds over the ocean

Over Santorini Over Crete

I am half a woman half a bird… 19 more words


Rylee Adamson

Well work has been craaaaaaaaaazy lately so now I’m back, missing a week. Still, it gave me time to read a few books. And by few I mean five. 567 more words


A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day 9: Fantasy Squad - Harpies

Harpies are one of my favourite mythical creatures, next to Sirens. Granted, the two are often mixed up, but there is something fascinating about hybrids, especially those with wings! 387 more words








Yes hello what is this from please and thank you

Woah…bird ladies..this is my aestetic..also need source!

107 more words