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Tales of Wickedness and Righteousness: The Tree That Wished to be Free

Dark clouds loomed eerily around the snow-capped mountains; wind was still along the peaks causing the clouds to become thick and omnipresent. Fog spread through the forested valley from the nearby coast, aiding the clouds in hiding earth from the moonlight. 2,897 more words

I Can't Blame Him

I now realized that he was too young to cope up with the onslought of adoration that came his way. There were those that smothered him with adulation; beautiful, rich and influential. 190 more words

Ramblings And Musings

Trojan Woman

Strange nudes of another Star
Reading Maupassant for kicks
So distant from the written word
Drowning in sick sunny seas
Onset sunset all day long… 20 more words


The Harpies!

As I used the restroom some weeks ago (Feb. 10, 2017) I was in the midst of thinking things over. This voice in my mind (which sounded an awful lot like my friend, Donna!) said, “your mother and sister are harpies!” I thought I even heard her booming laugh. 611 more words

Cleaning Up The Dirty Laundry

Author Note #1: Tales & Ancient Greece

On the topic for the next book, of course they’ll be new realms. I’m thinking about giving one with a feel for Ancient Greece. That’s to focus more on Rowan Pathfinder’s origins and the fauns’ historical relations with the wyverns (ie how did they end up at the Ancient Grasslands realm). 136 more words

Stalking Leviathan: A Bestiary of Tales

Review by Knicky Laurel

Author name: The Random Writers

Book Title: Stalking Leviathan: A Bestiary of Tales 

 The Synopsis: “It’s out there. I can feel it in my water. 765 more words

4 Stars

Damned - 2.08

“Is someone else going to take a turn with this?” I asked. The gun was heavy on my shoulders and it forced my head down to stare at the dirt. 2,102 more words