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Damned - 2.08

“Is someone else going to take a turn with this?” I asked. The gun was heavy on my shoulders and it forced my head down to stare at the dirt. 2,102 more words

Collaborations WIP #8

Continuing from where we left off on our previous blog post, let’s find out how Kira and Lisa’s collaboration is going on their Harpies illustration. 49 more words


The Harpies – The Snatchers of the Ancient Greeks

As leader of the gods Zeus was in charge of issuing justice to those that needed to be punished in the Greek society. The harpies became known as the hounds of Zeus, because they were given the task of locating these wrongdoers and bringing them to face their punishments. 438 more words

Wendy Saunders

Collaboration Works-in-Progress #1

It’s been awhile since we shared some in-process artwork and here is why: every participant is done with their illustration! But we’re not stopping here. Some of us have engaged in collaborations to illustrate the chapter headings of our artbook. 117 more words


The Three Harpies are Back!

From Counter Punch


Those were the days when Libya (“We came, we saw, he died”) offered to the world a full-blooded humanitarian imperialist spectacle starring Three American Harpies: Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice, actually four if Hillary’s mentorette and soul mate, Madeleine Albright, was included. 1,097 more words