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Treats, Treats, & More Treats!

Hi, it’s Kevin. I want to tell you about something I almost love more than my Mommy and Daddy – TREATS! Treats are delicious and are even better than my little brother. 155 more words


My strange obsession

So, I’m that person.

You know, the one in the grocery store poring over her plastic organizer, pulling out her phone every five minutes, taking way too long to decide between Charmin and Quilted Northern. 715 more words


No Nuts

A little Rant…

I love living in Charlotte. I love even more living in Uptown and being so close to so many different grocery stores and farmers markets. 295 more words


Friday Faves

Another week, another dollar…or something like that. I considered not doing a Friday Faves post this week. It’s been a rough one. But then I thought about what that meant in the big picture, and I remembered there are always things to be happy about. 783 more words


Odds & ends and one offs ...

For the compulsive, picking up litter is a 24/7 endeavor.

So this morning I’m motoring out of the fancy Harris Teeter (aka ‘Taj-Ma-Teeter’) on Morrison when I spied this bit of plastic that threatened to wash down into the storm drain with the next big rain. 163 more words

Friday Faves

Fridays seem to take forever and yet sneak up on you at the same time. I’m excited to have my husband home this weekend (yay for the weekend off!) and to have some relaxing time. 630 more words

Friday Faves

Basket Case

I was at Harris Teeter the other evening, doing a bit of late night shopping, and I noticed a line of those electronic buggies by the entrance – you know the ones that you can ride around on when the staff’s not looking.  55 more words