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Our Harrison History in a Nutshell

On the banks of the Shenandoah River, a family gathered to lay to rest one of their own. During the arduous task of moving from Delaware to the fertile Virginia valley that would become their home, this family of brothers and sisters bid farewell to their father, the patriarch of the family, who had raised a family of ten children and suffered the loss of two wives. 668 more words

Our Harrison Family

The final countdown.

At 8am tomorrow (6th May 2013) we will begin our 15 day journey to Monte Carlo from Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh. Follow our blog here to read about our adventures. 39 more words

Nettie May Burns: Landmarks

As we close out this series on Nettie May Burns, let’s take a look at some of the landmarks from her life that can be visited today. 738 more words

Harrison Family

The Loys

I have collected images, videos and documents from Diana Loy – and want to share as much as I can with you. She was Grandpa Robin’s cousin – although due to the size of the family she knew him more by reputation than in person. 49 more words

Nettie May Burns: Historical Events

A lot happened during the 65 years that May was alive. Let’s take a look at what the world was like when she was born, the significant events that occurred during her lifetime, and how the world had changed by the time she had died. 803 more words

Harrison Family

Nettie May Burns: Part 2

It was the dawn of the 2oth century. The second half of the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and new inventions like the light bulb and the automobile were changing the way people lived. 1,784 more words

Harrison Family

Nettie May Burns: Part 1

You can say that Nettie May Burns was the bridge that brought two families from very different worlds together; the Harrison’s, which her mother descended from, and the Peine’s, which she married into. 1,053 more words

Harrison Family