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The Screenplay Vault: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Few screenplays written for big summer blockbusters end up being good enough to translate into a classic film. From the minds of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Raiders of the Lost Ark is the rare exception. 741 more words


The Secret Life of Pets 2

This is gonna be short and sweet, just like I would prefer this movie to be. I know *I’m* the weirdo because I go see all these kids’ movies when I have no kids, hang around no kids, and have less than no interest in kid things. 864 more words

Child's Play (1988), Child's Play 2 (1990) & Child's Play 3 (1991)

So, I went to see the Child’s Play reboot when it opened last month. I hadn’t seen any of the original Child’s Play or Chucky movies before, but figured, what the hell, Mark Hamill was doing voicework and Aubrey Plaza was playing the mom, why not see it the same day I was watching The Secret Life of Pets 2, which had Harrison Ford providing a dog’s voice. 379 more words

Minute 103: Irrationality And Sportsmanship


Deckard climbs for his life, Roy clings to what life he has left, and the New York Dept of education tries to ruin our children’s lives.


Harrison Ford Weekend - Regarding Henry (1991)

Director: Mike Nichols

Writer: J.J. Abrams (Screenplay)

Starring: Harrison Ford, Annette Bening, Bill Nunn, Mikki Allen, Donald Moffat


Plot: After being shot, a man loses his memory and must relearn speech and mobility, but he has a loving family to support him. 527 more words


Harrison Ford: From Building the Set to Starring On It

Happy 77th birthday to Harrison Ford, the highest grossing domestic actor in American history!

Ford is a lesson in perseverance. When he was in his late 20’s, he was married with children and getting very small acting roles, if any. 63 more words