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HARRISON - Trump is down, but the polls have been wrong before

IT WAS DOWN and dirty, acrimonious, less than civil, replete with name calling and gutter accusations, and we doubt the third presidential debate changed the minds of many American voters. 277 more words


TiK▲ Teams Up with Clairmont The Second for "OHMYGOD"

TiK▲ has just released her newest single “OHMYGOD” featuring upcoming rapper Clairmont the Second, and production from Harrison. These members of Toronto’s new school collaborate to create a track that touches on themes of spirituality; reminding the listener of an old-school 80s gospel-soul track. 264 more words


HARRISON - Cavers' promise to 'eat my shorts' conjures tempting images

DONOVAN CAVERS and Bart Simpson don’t exactly look alike, but evidently they do have something in common.

“Eat my shorts” is a trademark Bart Simpson phrase, defined as expressing his attitude toward authority figures. 250 more words


Harrison Ford's Star Wars injury results in $2m fine for British production firm | Film | The Guardian

Foodles Production company was given the fine over an injury to Harrison Ford’s leg that occurred during the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens… 7 more words

HARRISON - Shed no tears for school trustees who got what they deserved

THE WAILING has begun in the aftermath of the B.C. government’s decision to fire the Vancouver School Board.

The rhetoric about the unfairness of it all, and how it’s an attack on democracy, we wonder what took so long. 266 more words


HARRISON - Donald Trump shines spotlight on issues faced by women

WOMEN should be thanking Donald Trump!

Not for the things he’s reported to have said about or purportedly done to women in the past, but for shining a much needed spotlight on some of the challenges women in the western world face each and every day. 309 more words