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Close Encounters

After posting the post last night I there was a notable event.  Anna was in her little cubby and I let Harrison come in too for a little desensitization.   308 more words


Upsides and Downsides

Today was a good day for some front yard exposure.  It might have been almost a year since I’ve let the kittens out front.  Or more.   507 more words


Games Kitties Play

Since nobody was around besides Davout I tried to get him into playing with a toy.

We were having a good old time, although getting a shot in focus was tough. 73 more words


Outside, Inside

Rhea had a very active morning alone and with Davout.  She was playing with balls, knocking them about, chasing imaginary things and teasing Davout into chasing her up and down the stairs. 315 more words


Having a Ball

The Egg Crate continues to be a big favorite with the kittens.  Harrison hasn’t tried it yet.

Harrison was a bit sick last night and wasn’t eating and was sleeping a lot.   56 more words


Homestay Part2

One week stay in NY is short…

So far so good, we’ve taken him to NYC twice and around our town Harrison, NY.
He seems to be enjoying his new experiences. 44 more words

Quick Outside Visit

Davout really wanted to go out back today, so I finally relented and we all went outside.  A minute or so later the A/C unit kicked on and Davout darted like an arrow back inside.   112 more words