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The Little Grocer's Shop on Brompton Road (#3)

After the Burdens left for Australia in 1853, No. 8 Middle Queen’s Buildings had some new occupants. Charles Harrod and his family moved into the house above the little grocer’s shop. 815 more words


Red Hot Date ❤️

So you’ve got a red hot date lined up for Valentine’s? Well lucky you 😊😊 whether it’s your husband, boyfriend or someone you just met, we all want to whoo and impress that significant person in our lives :) luckily Valentine’s Day provides us with the perfect excuse to dress up and get our sexy on 😋😋 So in honor of Vday I did this gorgeous set perfect for a romantic dinner ❤️❤️


London Baby

This past weekend, I visited Tiffany at Oxford University, where we spent a day in London! In the morning, we started off by hitting Cereal Killer Cafe in the Camden Markets. 506 more words

Superbowl Halftime Outrage - Damn Beyonce!

So, after the hype over this past weekend everything has come to a head with the “controversial” halftime performance featuring: Coldplay, Bruno Mars, & Beyonce. Like many I tuned in to catch the halftime show ( 947 more words

Its all about the Coffee

“It’s all about the coffee” or so Jill Bolton told me twelve months ago when I was doing some work for the tourist office. Twelve months on and I had the pleasure of photographing the coffee plantation and the various stages of production that turns a red berry into one of the most expensive and exclusive coffee’s in the World. 849 more words

St Helena


Being a fashion student of course shop windows catch my eye! Again after my New York series, I thought I should upload some interesting visual merchandising images I captured whilst I was in the Capital. 198 more words

Mr Selfridge - Fact and Fiction

In the opening credits of the ITV series Mr Selfridge it states it is based on Lindy Woodhead’s book “Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge” 942 more words