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G.I. Patter

I’m not  a big fan of war movies, but two that I really enjoy are Lewis Milestone’s “A Walk in the Sun” (1945) and Edward Dmytryk’s “Eight Iron Men” (1952). 409 more words

Film Criticism

How Does Harry Brown's Approach to Selling Rely on the Principle of Service?

Harry Brown’s approach to selling does rely on the principle of service because he believed that you had to give the customer what he wanted. 289 more words


Harry Brown (2010)

An elderly ex-marine takes justice into his own hands when a local gang terrorise and murder his only friend.

It’s very easy to try and draw a comparison between Harry Brown and Gran Torino, being released as they were at around the same time, both featuring ageing vigilantes and both starring veteran stalwarts of tough guy cinema. 142 more words


Breaking Bad post 1. Opening Shots.

We’re exploring the opening 10 minutes of Breaking Bad.

John Truby described it as

one of the best dramas in the history of television.

So how do the writers and series creator Vince Gilligan draw us in?

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January 2nd, 2016

It’s raining.  It’s been raining all year !

I can’t remember a day when it wasn’t raining, but then my memory isn’t what it was. 564 more words