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The Truck Stop Bounce.

August 25th.  What I have learned from the road today:

The Truck Stop Bounce

My Homage to the late, great and never lost from my heart, Harry Chapin. 569 more words


Free Bird

So this week I’ve taken it easy- about once a month or so (you’ll notice a pattern) I write about something other than a band. This helps me stay on track, regroup, and prevents me from getting too lost amongst all of the amazing projects I have lined up. 334 more words

Random Thoughts on 8/17/2015: Harry Chapin, Mortality, and Gaming

Lately, me and life haven’t been seeing eye to eye. I have a lot of questions and feelings and life seems to have no answers. 542 more words

Just Thinking

Laugh About Life

“A person who cannot laugh about death, doesn’t laugh about life.
A person who cannot laugh about life, is already dead.”

Harry Chapin

A Good Life, But a Blind One

Well, I used to have a lover once,
I used to have a friend.
(How in the hell you ever find one?)
My song is almost over now, 22 more words

A Dancing Counterpoint

“There’s a familiar name being etched onto the bow of Spaceship Earth. There are icebergs up ahead but life goes on as usual. From down in the cramped quarters of steerage up to the sumptious salons of first class, the ever multiple variations of the oft repeated themes provide a dancing counterpoint to the long, low, melancholy dirge of the the fog horn.”

Killing a Dead Man

I dreamed about Harry Chapin last night.  He was in Nashville for a TV performance called “Harry Chapin and Friends in the Grand Ol’ Opry,” and I remember him singing a Paul Simon song about America the Beautiful.   64 more words