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December 7: Happy Birthday Nicholas Hoult and Harry Chapin

Today is Nicholas Hoult’s 29th birthday.  He first became known as a child actor; he made his debut in a small role in the 1996 film… 988 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

Slap & Pet: BEWARE!

I had an acting teacher I’ll call Taylor. It may have been inadvertent but in my opinion, he utilized a psychological technique that built his school into one of the biggest in Hollywood. 538 more words


Harry Chapin, Suzanne Vega and other people's pain as revealed in speed

The speed of Vega’s Luka unusually peppy for someone is actually empathetically hurting. The song reminds me of someone telling a story where the aphorism “anyone else’s pain is easy to bear” come to mind. 12 more words


Cats in the Cradle: A Cautionary Tale

There’s an old Harry Chapin song called “Cats in the Cradle” that I recall my father saying frequently when I was a kid was one of his favorite songs. 1,030 more words


Boy, It Sure Must Have Been Something

I arrived back in Aiken this morning at 12:30am after a sixteen and a half hour journey, during which I was a witness and participant to the biggest traffic jam I have ever experienced. 1,068 more words

Radio 86, side A, track 12: "Cat's In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin

Oh, Harry Chapin, give me a goddamn break.  One of the most perfectly heartbreaking songs ever, am I right?  Made moreso because of the sheer mundanity of the relationship.   38 more words


Harry Chapin - Cat's in the Cradle

Harry Chapin – “Cat’s in the Cradle” – (1974)

Harry Chapin died in a car crash about seven years after this song was released, so he had more time to write another #1 hit, but this would be it. 18 more words