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Dreams Go By

“Dreams Go By” by Harry Chapin scares the shit out of me. On the surface, it has a very pleasant and catchy melody with a fun chorus, however, once I actually started to pay attention to the lyrics it became a very deep song that from time to time puts me in quarter life crisis mode. 484 more words

Just Plain Folk

Over the years, I have tried to write lyrics for a variety of genres: blues, country, pop, rock, even jazz. In the last few years, however, I feel I have tended to write in more of a folk vein or have at least tried to do so. 508 more words


Monday's Theme Music

Sunshine lit the valley from the west, splashing through lazy swatches of stretched grey clouds outside our windows. Could’ve been early summer by its deceptive appearance, but it was March 3. 108 more words

Pop Culture

who did it better?

sorry, the flu has knocked me on my butt lately. It’s kept me off of here for a while, but, I am gaining strength again. Here is one of my favorite Harry Chapin tunes. 9 more words

The bliss & the blues: 8 great songs about the ups and downs of parenthood

Both as parents and as musicians, it is sometimes difficult to successfully communicate our feelings. Sometimes we struggle to find the right words, or to hit the right notes. 935 more words

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