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Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin - 1974

The late Harry Chapin is one of the great 70’s poets/songwriters.  Cat’s in the Cradle (1974) was his only #1 hit.

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  • Harry Chapin was born into music – his father was a big band drummer playing with acts such as Woody Herman.
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Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin

The author of this song is Harry Chapin‘s wife, Sandra “Sandy” (Gaston).  She is introduced along with her and Harry’s son, Joshua.


The Bottom Line Archive, Harry Chapin Live

One of my regrets even with all the live music shows  I have attended in the tri-state area (425 concerts in 46 years) was never getting to a live show at the… 271 more words


Harry Chapin followed Jesus's teachings despite being an Atheist.

“I get asked all the time how can one change the world?
If you care enough you can have an impact because in the long run we’re not sure about a prior life or an afterlife, we’re all hoping for that, but what we can do is maximize what we have in this brief flicker of time, in the INFINITY, and try to milk that. 395 more words

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Richmond Ballet Coming Home

Boy that was a really fast 2 1/2 weeks. Time really just flew by. I am watching flight tracker now because Matthew is in the air on his way home from China. 416 more words


 There Was Billy Two Times.

Phil recommended Ralph’s for a real Italian lunch in Nutley New Jersey. In my mind, I had walked into a scene from Goodfellas where men with heavy Jersey accents and expensive suits were discussing business while Frank Sinatra sang in the background. 157 more words

This Too Will Pass

Where Ya Goin' To My Lady Blue...

 I really hadn’t planned on visiting his grave and the truth is, I didn’t even know he was from around this area. I had Googled where Harry had met his demise but when it popped up, he was buried in The Rural Hunnington Cemetery outside of Woodbury, I had to go to Mecca. 157 more words

This Too Will Pass