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Taxi.  One of my favorite songs of all time.

On Progress and Process

One of the greatest joys in life – in my experience and opinion – is the feeling of making progress, of getting better at something. 367 more words

Philosophical Musings

The Cat In the Cradle, And What's Even Better Than Quality Time

Back when E, my youngest son, was much younger, there was one song that was guaranteed to make him cry, anytime. It was Harry Chapin’s  1,384 more words


The 'Banana Truck' Crash: 50 Years Later

SCRANTON — It was a horrific wreck many people still remember, one that inspired a Harry Chapin song.

On March 18, 1965 Gene Sesky of Scranton lost control of the truck he was driving, hauling 30,000 pounds of bananas, barreling down Moosic Street toward central Scranton, unable to stop. 358 more words


Remember When the Music

This is a tribute to one of my favourite musicians of all time, the great Harry Chapin. Not only do I love almost every song he wrote, but so many of them take me back to my childhood in some way that makes me feel really happy inside: driving to a soccer game (or anywhere, for that matter); painting the front hallway with the stereo cranked up; lazy summer afternoons on the back deck; Pops cooking supper; whistling the intro to… 136 more words

Pauline Papp

It's What I Do. . .Not Who I Am

My therapist is worried about me. I’m not sure if that reassures me or worries me. We were talking about the incredible hours I’ve been working and he heard me use the phrase, “It’s what I do.” … 1,200 more words

Professional Development

I am the morning d.j.

I am the morning dj….

My head is reeling
What a feeling
Bass line pounding through my brain
Skull is cracking
Quite nerve racking
I need something to help dull the pain… 331 more words