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460. the wild the beautiful + the damned

This was smart, prophetic stuff for 1977, but I was looking the other way. Too busy living its truth, I guess, being wild, beautiful, damned … when I wasn’t getting sucked the other way, being tame, ugly, saved. 33 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Down at the Dolphin

As usual we wandered down the to the Dolphin to meet up with our chums, the 2 T’s, Trev and Tim, and as usual our conversation ranged over a wonderful variety of subjects… beer, plumbing, family and much more. 44 more words

Music... And My Favourite Gigs

Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 361

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A string of warm weather has finally arrived in Cincinnati. Meanwhile, I lost the color I gained from 6-weeks in Alabama (mid-January through February). 506 more words


Cats In The Cradle

My child arrived just the other day
He came to the world in the usual way
But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay… 448 more words


Day 25

Leaving for work each day still kind of sucks, but today at least, for the first time, Miles was awake when I left. Just getting to see that kid’s eyes was enough to motivate me (and, admittedly, make me late for work). 58 more words

The Cat's in the Cradle.

Don’t be fooled: This picture isn’t showing you a simple story of mechanical claw prowess.

The morning of the photo, my wife was trying to shoo me out of the house. 544 more words


Songs With Outstanding Lyrics

I’m just about always thinking of music. I have songs running through my head at all times. This morning though, I woke up with a song playing in my head and I thought – hhmm, I don’t really like that song. 187 more words

The Beatles